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Cats of The World Photo Exhibition x Saturday Purrzaar Market 2013

Since last year, I’ve always wanted to check out the Cats of The World Photo Exhibition and more importantly, the Purrzaar Flea Market but I didn’t get the opportunity to go due to my conflicting schedule. Luckily this year, I finally went!(:

The Cats of The World Photo Exhibition was held from 1 – 29 August while the Saturday Purrzaar Market (basically a flea market) was held on the 3 Saturdays in August: 3rd, 10th & 17th. With the bf and Crystal in tow, we went for the 2nd Saturday flea market to check it out before heading over to L’etoile Cafe (cafehopping review up soon!) after that for lunch(:

1. Cats of The World Photo Exhibition (1 – 29 August 2013)

2. Saturday Purrzaar Market (3rd, 10th & 17th August)

It was pretty crowded when we arrived at The Art House for the flea market as you see below.

To be honest, the main reason for dropping by the flea market is because I wanted to check out Susie’s items from StuffSusieMade – a seller whom I’ve been a fan of for the longest time and get myself something from her. Oh and actually she has an Etsy store as well, but I wanted to see the items in person before making my purchase.

Plus I had spotted the following photos on her StuffSusieMade’s Facebook page, and they look oh so adorable!

Little Red Riding Cats

One of the items that I had planned on getting is a Smelly Cat below.

A puss in pouch maybe?

Mini Kitty bon bons

And how can I not get a cupcake cat magnet?(:


I guess most of the kitties got sold out on the first week because these were all that was left when we were there T___T

Anyway, decided to take a quick walk to check out the other vendors at the flea market and here are some of the snapshots taken:

~Spotted kitty bookmarks and postcards! And I only just realized that they were going for only S$1.00 each, regretted not getting at least one of them 🙁

The photographs were soo cute~

Was sooo tempted to get myself this handmade ceramic kitty mug – until I heard the price and I was like..ah *places it down*

More cute handmade stuff:

Was really impressed with the handiwork from My Grandma’s Patchwork below and kept gushing over it. Really nice and well made!(:

Spotted Munchy Neko featuring our 4 famous kitties: Snowie, Fishball, Freyr and Pancake!! Was a little tempted to get a keychain or a picture of Pancake but ultimately..I didn’t ;/~

This photo made us go LOL:

Mm, for some reason, I seemed to have developed a liking for handmade crochet toys because these little darlings were SO adorable and Crystal and I were going gaga over them!

Other handicraft by the other vendors:

At the end of it all, here’s presenting my loot from the Saturday Purrzaar Market 2013!(:

A kitty cupcake magnet and a handmade crochet mouse!

Lol, and the bf’s mom made me an almost exact replica of the crochet mouse. Pretty impressive eh?(:

Meanwhile, stay tuned for my upcoming review of L’etoile Cafe which we went after that(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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