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City Harvest trial: Nearly $700,000 was allegedly spent on Kong Hee’s airfare

Can’t get enough of the CHC trial with loads of juicy happenings revealed every few days. Take this for instance:

City Harvest trial: Nearly $700,000 was allegedly spent on Kong Hee’s airfare

City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee was alleged to have spent over US$530,000 (S$677,000) on his airfare, according to a document submitted to the courts as evidence in the trial against him and five others.

Contents on the document showed that Kong’s airfare was billed as an ‘increase in travelling expenses’ out of a US$13million (S$16.62 million) bond that was also used to repay a US$2.06 million (S$2.63 million) loan, and for an “English album” for his wife, singer Ho Yeow Sun, which amounted up to US$7.39 (S$9.44 million).

The same document also contained the breakdown of a US$6 million budget to produce an English album for Ho, who’s also known as Sun Ho, that was later increased to US$8 million after a meeting between directors of XTron Productions.

A further US$22 million (S$28.6 million) was also allegedly marked out in the document to promote Ho’s yet-to-be-released English album in Asia. 

According to the minutes, over US $1.6 million was spent on production fees for rap music star Wyclef Jean, who collaborated with Sun on the song, “China Wine“, whose music video cost US$1 million to produce.

Xtron directors also approved an additional $2 million to produce Ho’s album “in order to get some popular song artistes and singers from USA be involved in the album”, the minutes showed. The album was also never released.

Rihanna. Akon. Will.i.am. Missy Elliot. Timbaland.

These were some of the A-list music stars Pastor Kong Hee’s wife, Ho Yeow Sun, was supposed to collaborate with, according to court documents shown on Wednesday.

Kong and the five others — Serina Wee, John Lam Leng Hung, Tan Ye Peng, Sharon Tan Shao Yuen and Chew Eng Han — are standing trial against a charge of misusing more than $50 million of church funds to fund Ms Ho’s music career, and to cover up the usage of the initial expenditure.

Miss Ho was pencilled in as the face of the church’s Crossover project, which was started in 2002 to reach out to non-Christians through music.

Credits:Yahoo Newsroom & STOMP Singapore

All gone down the drain..

Why didn’t you pick Serina Wee instead? D:

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