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SHOCKING | Chinese tourists on SIA flight fight to keep 30 sets of in-flight cutlery

Spotted on The Straits Times:

Chinese tourists on SIA flight tried to keep 30 sets of in-flight cutlery

A group of mainland travellers on board a Singapore Airlines flight took over 30 sets of stainless steel tableware and refused to hand them back to flight attendants until warned repeatedly by a tour guide.

According to news reports on South China Morning Post and Qianjiang Evening News, the passengers were mainly from a small town in Zhejiang province. They were on a tour of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

When they refused to hand over the flight cutlery, which was to be re-used and not disposed of, Singapore Airlines staff were surprised. It was not clear when the incident took place.

The tourists reportedly said that relatives who had flown with SIA in the past told them they could keep the tableware. Chinese media reported that the astonished flight attendants then asked a Chinese tour guide for help.

The incident finally ended when the tour guide told the tourists they were hurting China’s image abroad. “Stop hurting the reputation of Chinese people,” he said.

Credits: Relax.com.sg

If you think that was bad enough, apparently they even FOUGHT over their airplane seats at Singapore Changi Airport:

Spotted on Yahoo Newsroom:

In the same report, the newspaper said Chinese tourists who were waiting to board at Singapore’s Changi airport also fought over their airplane seats.

As the plane did not give out seat numbers, the passengers arrived two hours early to queue for their seats. It was reported that those who queued up had specific preferences for seats, such as a window seat or a seat close to the front of the aircraft.

Airport staff told the passengers that since it was still early, they were told to take a seat at the boarding lounge but the tourists refused, saying those who came early would lose their “advantage”.

However, a quick-thinking lady said if she could not physically queue for a seat, her luggage bag could. Following her lead, other passengers, too, began using their bags to queue at the boarding gate, and a line formed again.

Picture for Illustration Purposes

When it was time for boarding, and staff announced that the elderly, disabled, pregnant women and parents with infants were entitled to priority boarding, impatient tourists rushed towards their luggage bags,causing a chaos.

Other passengers who witnessed the incident could not help but laugh.

Credits:Yahoo Newsroom

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