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Food Review | Bellwethers Bistro Bar @ 120 Desker Road

Invited Food Tasting

Just the night before our Genting trip last week, the bf and I had the privilege to attend a food tasting at Bellwethers Bistro Bar @ 120 Desker Road – all thanks to Seth for the invitation!(:

Bellwethers Bistro Bar
120 Desker Road Singapore
Singapore 209639

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Nestled in a corner of Singapore’s oldest red light district, Bellwethers Bistro Bar adds a modern touch to the culturally rich enclave of Little India.  Bellwethers Bistro Bar emphasizes simplicity in its design and focuses on allowing customers to bask in the edgy and unpretentious cultural heritage of the locale.

Located just on the fringe of the city, Desker Road is a quirky and unconventional neighborhood rich in history and full of color. The appeal lies in its raw, edgy feel and the idiosyncratic characters who form the backdrop of this unique environment.

Credits: Bellwethers  Facebook Page

Mention Desker Road to most cab drivers and he will most likely associate it with the famous Swee Choon Tim Sum located nearby or you know <_<. And well, that’s where Bellwethers Bistro Bar is located at. Have to say that it’s definitely not a difficult place to find once you’re in the vicinity.

Interior & Decor

I really like the modern and industrial-chic decor of the place and there’s this very laidback and casual atmosphere that I’m sure many will enjoy(: And if you have a choice – take the alfresco seats located at the alleyway, it’s way cooler to sit by there compared to sitting indoors!


The Menu

Here we have the drinks menu. There are loads to choose from ranging from cocktails, shooters to wine and beer(:

Meanwhile, I have to give a special mention to the food menu available at Bellwethers. It’s definitely not your generic bar food as the menu is drawn up by their chef consultant Warren Poh, who designed and revamped the food items.

And who is Chef Warren Poh you may ask?

Let’s just say that he has worked at various famous restaurants from a young age, and under renowned chefs to learn through experience. Some of the famous restaurants he has worked at cooked at include rotation in the Fullerton Hotel, Oysterbar Singapore, Halia, Catalunya, Foodbar Dada. Shoebox Canteen, Migas (Beijing), Quemo (Hongkong).

Chef Warren’s food style inspirations are mostly influenced by Spanish cuisine.

He has also been trained by famous chefs like Chef Reynaldo (head chef of 7Adam), Chef Aitor Olabegoya (Executive Chef of Migas and Elite concepts, Hong Kong), Chef Quim (Chef owner of el quim de la bouqueria, Barcelona Spain), and celebrity chef Ryan Hong.

So because of that, I think you can expect to enjoy good food over at Bellwethers Bistro Bar(: Oh and here’s the menu below for your reference:


The Food & Drinks

The group of us – Seth, Bryan Choo, Chloe, the bf and I were treated to a scrumptious dinner over drinks and good company in a communal dining setting. It was my first time meeting them and I have to say that Bellwethers Bistro Bar is a great location for our first meet up(:

Here’s what we had:

1. Alley Breeze – S$16.00

One of their specialty cocktail made with gin, cucumber, calamansi and sprite. It’s a refreshing cocktail mix with plenty of cucumber pulp and to our surprise, both the bf and I really like the overall cocktail combination. Yums!

2. Baked Seabass Mediterranean Style (Serves 2 pax) – S$32.00

The first dish that we tried is the Baked Seabass Mediterranean Style which is basically fresh seabass bought from the wet market in the morning – cooked with garlic, chilli, parsley, olive oil and white wine resulting in this wonderfully soft, moist and flavorful seabass meat.

3. Lamb Rack with Grill Vegetables (Serves 2-3 pax – S$60.00)

The lamb rack was cooked very nicely resulting in a moist, juicy and tender meat and the flavors were beautiful! It comes dressed in a raspberry mint sauce by the way!(: I also enjoyed the grilled vegetables, especially the kalian stem which was nice and crunchy! Note that the vegetables are seasonal and it is dependent on what Chef Warren can find at the market on that day.

4. Iberian Pork Collar with Roasted Pineapple (Serves 3-4 pax – S$70.00)

It was my first time trying out Iberian pork and oh boy did this pork blew me away! The pork collar was marinated in special marinate of soya sauce, thyme, garlic, balsamic vinegar and hot oil which resulted in a wonderful caramilisation to the pork that was nice, tender and juicy. It was then served with a delicious pork sauce that is lightly acidic. This came together with a side of roasted tender and juicy pineapple slices. The bf enjoyed the charred area the best because in his words – it tastes like char siew, I like!

5. Beef Prime Rib with Chunky Mash (Serves 4-5pax – S$120.00 / kg)

My absolute favourite dish was the last dish – the beef prime rib because if you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of beef!

Basically, what was used in this dish is this dry aged 300 days grain fed ranger valley’s wagyu beef. The beef was dry aged for at least 40 days and then, further dry aged by the chef to further enhance the flavours of the beef. Naturally, the beef was oh so tender and flavourful due to the numerous days of dry aging! This resulted in a melt in your mouth beef with every bite and I really enjoyed it very much!(:

Oh and the beef was also served with a bowl of chunky mash cooked with homemade roasted garlic butter and served rustically to suit the communal dining.


The Verdict

On the whole, I found the food to be wholesome, unpretentious and flavourful and both the bf and I really did enjoy everything that we tried at Bellwethers Bistro Bar – from the food to the drinks. Plus the service there is friendly too!(: In general, it was a huge pity that the bf and I left earlier after the meal as we were rushing home to pack for our Genting trip.

Regardless, would highly recommend that you drop by Bellwethers Bistro Bar as it’s a really great place to chill and hang out while enjoying some good ol’ cocktails, beers and of course – good food!

Lastly, I would like to end off with my compliments to Chef Warren for the wonderful meal and my thanks to Seth, the 2 lovely owners of Bellwethers Bistro Bar, Bryan & Chloe for the wonderful evening!(:

Bellwethers Bistro Bar
120 Desker Road Singapore
Singapore 209639

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