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SHOCKING | 6 Year Old Chinese Boy has his eyes GOUGED OUT by organ trafficker who stole both his corneas

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Parents’ horror as Chinese boy, 6, has his eyes GOUGED OUT after being ‘kidnapped by organ trafficker who stole both his corneas’ 

  • Youngster snatched while playing outside home in Linfen, Shanxi Province
  • Parents found him three hours later screaming in a field covered in blood
  • Kidnapper reportedly told boy: ‘Don’t cry and I won’t gouge out your eyes’
  • Illicit trade fuelled because China has 300,000 on transplant waiting list

A six-year-old Chinese boy had his eyes gouged out after reportedly being kidnapped by an organ trafficker. Family members found the youngster covered in blood some three to four hours after he went missing while playing outside his home. The child’s eyes were found nearby but the corneas were missing, reports said, implying that an organ trafficker was behind the harrowing attack.

Police offered a 100,000 yuan ($16,000) reward for information leading to the arrest of the sole suspect, who they said was a woman. ‘He had blood all over his face. His eyelids were turned inside out. And inside, his eyeballs were not there,’ his father told Shanxi Television.

Its report showed the heavily-bandaged boy being taken from an operating theatre and placed in a hospital bed, writhing in agony as family members stood at his bedside weeping.

The boy was drugged and ‘lost consciousness’ before the attacker removed his eyes, state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) said on its account on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. Internet users were outraged by the attack on the boy – who had a cleft palate – in Fenxi, in the northern province of Shanxi on Monday.

‘This is extraordinarily vicious,’ said one Sina Weibo user. How and why could someone be so cruel?’
‘A truly tragic boy,’ said another poster.

The youngster was playing alone outside his home when he was snatched on Monday evening. His parents discovered he was missing when they called him inside at around 8pm but received no response. They began a frantic search with other relatives and eventually found him screaming in a nearby field with blood covering his face around three hours later.

The kidnapper apparently told the boy: ‘Don’t cry. Don’t cry and I won’t gouge out your eyes.‘ The boy’s father said: ‘We didn’t notice his eyes were gone when we discovered him.  We thought he fell down from high and smashed his face.’ However, once the boy was rushed to hospital doctors discovered that his eyes had been removed.

The illicit organ trade in China has been triggered by the disparity between the 300,000 people on hospital transplant waiting lists and the fact that only 10,000 organ transplant operations are performed each year.

Few Chinese agree to donate their organs after death, fuelling the rampant illegal market activity.

Read more:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2402741/Parents-horror-Chinese-boy-6-eyes-GOUGED-OUT-kidnapped-organ-trafficker-stole-corneas.html#ixzz2dBe49Hqn

Oh my God, this is so freaking ruthless to do that to a mere child! Extremely shocking and disturbing to read about. Horrifying..

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