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Cafehopping | St. Marc Cafe Marina Square Dining Edition

After our sushi dinner at Sushi Express that night with my girlfriends a couple of weeks ago, we decided to walk around the vicinity for some dessert. That was when we decided to head over to the newly opened Marina Square Dining Edition to check it out(:

It was also there when we decided to have our dessert at St Marc Cafe!

Saint Marc Cafe Marina Square (St Marc Cafe)
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-105
Marina Square (S) 039594



Interior & Decor

The entire interior and decor was what drew us to check out St. Marc Cafe in the first place because it looked so cheery, comfortable and it looked like a great place to chill!(:

More importantly, we were drawn to the appetizing and sinful looking dessert plastic display at the front of the cafe. Hehe. Like oh my gosh, doesn’t the dessert look sooo good? XD


Menu & Prices

From what I gathered on my visit to St Marc Cafe – there is no proper menu if you want to order dessert. Instead, you just do the following:

1. Look at the realistic plastic displays at the counter and just order from there(:

2. Just like a bakery, you take the freshly baked pastries available and pay at the counter

3. Only the drinks menu is available on the board for you to order off it as seen below:


The Food

Generally, I noticed that St. Marc Cafe only has breads, sweets, desserts and coffee on their menu so if you’re looking for a full meal, this isn’t the place to go. Now, if it’s for dessert – it’s perfect(:

Here’s what we ordered to share between 3 of us by the way:

1. Elvis – S$5.60

Basically, it’s a large vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with chocolate and banana in a cone. To us, it wasn’t too impressive at first as it tasted pretty ordinary – just that it was pretty big.

That was till we reached halfway through the soft serve ice cream and we were greeted with sweet cornflakes. Goodness! I never knew that cornflakes and soft serve ice cream would taste so good together! YUMS!

2. Choco cro – S$2.40

At St Marc Cafe, they are best known for their signature product – the choco cro so naturally, we decided to take a couple to try. I felt that the croissant crust was flaky and crumbly and every bite of the choco cro left us (not just me!) praising how GOOD it was!

Other than the chocolate flavor, they also have the strawberry one and according to Daniel of DanielFoodDiary – it’s divine as well! Read his review HERE(:

Strawberry Choco cro – S$2.60

Credits: DanielFoodDiary

3. Bispea

Because it is a peanut and biscuit, I call it Bispea.

Cute huh? XD Unfortunately, I forgot to take note of the price of the Bispea but I can tell you this – it was pretty good!


The Verdict

Overall, I did enjoy my first visit to St Marc Cafe mostly because of the comfortable ambiance there along with good company. I only managed to try a couple of items on the menu but so far, I’m pretty impressed with the choco cro the most. Will most likely be back again to try the other desserts if I’m in the vicinity(:

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Saint Marc Cafe Marina Square (St Marc Cafe)
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-105
Marina Square (S) 039594


Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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