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Rich Malaysian girl calls S’poreans poor — and says her shopping taxes feed many of us

Spotted on STOMP:

Rich Malaysian girl calls S’poreans poor — and says her shopping taxes feed many of us

A STOMPer has alerted STOMP to the blog of a Singapore permanent resident from Malaysia, in which she criticises the locals for being poor and incompetent. The girl also said that her mother’s and her shopping taxes ‘fed a lot of Singaporeans’. The STOMPer, who sent in photos of the girl taken from her blog, as well as an excerpt of what the girl wrote, said:

“I want to expose this rich spoilt brat currently studying in the University of Queensland in Australia. Only rich pampered kids like her can afford to go overseas and study because their parents are loaded.

She currently picked up an ang moh BF and it looks like she is planning to migrate to Australia and attacking us Singaporeans on her blog by saying stuff such as poor Singaporeans deserve to be poor and also look down on us NSman. Singapore provided her a place to received such a good education and this is how she repay Singapore?”

This is an excerpt of the girl’s blog:

“The government recently loosen the immigration criteria and has been approving more PR applications. These had caused a lot of disagreements among many Singaporeans. I am a Malaysian, Singapore PR myself.

Background story: My dad is a Singaporean, my mum is a Malaysian (SG PR), and i was born in Malaysia but had been living in Singapore since a baby. And i don’t see how my Malaysian mum and i had no contributions to Singapore’s society for the past 20 over years. At least, our shopping taxes fed a lot of Singaporeans!

Some Singaporean commented on a forum that Singapore is no longer a country nor a city, it’s now a rich men’s playground. Hello sir, you’re only saying that because you’re not one of the players. Blame it on your own poverty. I feel sorry for you. I’ve also come across people saying that they are going to send their sons out of Singapore before they serve the army as it’s pointless to protect a home that’s no longer theirs.

Hello again, some of the PRs are serving the army and protecting your home as well! Are you saying that if you have an extra bedroom in the house you’re living in and it’s rented out to a stranger, an ‘outsider’, this house is no longer your home and you will not lock the door because you do not want to protect the house nor the tenant? Idiot.

You said that the government is wrong to think that PRs in S’pore will help to populate the country because we are too busy making money to make babies? Face it. You are incompetent to earn a living and feed a baby at the same time, doesn’t mean that others are too!

If you think that Malaysians and China Chinese are rubbish, tell you what, my rubbish mum is better educated than some of you, this rubbish me doesn’t use ‘ah lian’ languages like your children, and without rubbish in your country, you will have less than 50% of your country’s trophies and awards to be proud of!

Oh and did i mention that your ancestors are RUBBISH too?

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Apparently she later wrote in to The Real Singapore where they first published this article to have her say:


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