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Omigosh! | Fake Apple Charger explodes just inches away from STOMPer’s face

Spotted on STOMP:

Charger explodes just inches away from STOMPer’s face

STOMPer Shermian was resting on his sofa last Saturday afternoon when his phone charger apparently exploded just inches away from him. The incident leads him to wonder if the charger, which he had bought from a shop, is authentic.

Said the STOMPer;

“I was resting on my sofa on a Saturday afternoon when my adaptor exploded 40cm away from where my head was resting. It was loud and there was smoke. The electricity in my house tripped and we called SP Powergrid for help as we couldn’t have our electricity back even though we meddled with the switchbox.

The lucky thing was that there wasn’t any fire. I could have been injured or died. I forgot if the adapter is authentic — it has the safety mark on but it could be printed on. I’m going to the place where I bought the adapter to check. The USB cable is definitely not but I wasn’t using my phone when it exploded. Just a warning, no matter you are using a authentic adapter/cable, it is better to have them a distance away.”

In  response to Shermian’s post, STOMPer FakeAppleRots noted a number of key differences between an authentic charger and a fake one:

I just read in Stomp that an Apple Charger exploded. Please see the difference between the fake and the real. 

Tell-tale signs are: print quality,  the difference in Safety Mark colour and wording sizes, model number A1299 (real one is A1399), wording of Model NO. (real one is Model No.), number font is different.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

So please do be careful when you purchase a charger. Get an original one to be safe!

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