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Malaysian elderly couple who fought with parang as weapon — all over $14

Spotted on STOMP:

Second case of Malaysian couple who fought with hammer as weapon — all over $14

An elderly couple from Perak were involved in a dispute over that turned violent and bloody when they both picked up a hammer amongst other weapons against each other, making them the second case of domestic violence involving a hammer in recent weeks.

Earlier in August, a 33-year-old man was detained by the Malaysian police after a video that showed him beating his girlfriend repeatedly with a hammer went viral online. In this case, however, both parties went at each other with a hammer, a parang and boiling oil.

According to a report on China Press, Madam Huang Yue Gui, 66, confronted her husband, Mr Qiu Yong Gui, 73, in their Rimba Panjang home over her suspicion that he had stole RM36 (S$14) from her.

An argument then broke out among the two, which then escalated when Mr Qiu took up a parang and attacked his wife. Madam Huang did not take that lying down. She managed to wrestle the parang off her husband, and hit him on the head with a hammer. She also poured boiling oil on him.

The fight left Mr Qiu with cuts from his parang, and scald wounds from the boiling oil on his arms and legs, while his wife suffered only a cut on her head.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Reading this news, I feel a little sad about it – like they used to be a couple, but yet they are doing this to each other all for a measly amount of $14.
What do you think uh? ;/

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