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SHOCKING | Girl Stabbed to Death While Chinese Police Officers Stood By

Spotted on ChinaSMACK:

2 Police Officers in Anhui Witness Girl Being Killed Without Stopping It

People’s Daily Online Bengbu, August 22 news — On the afternoon of August 18, a murder happened in Anhui Province Bengbu City Yuhui District Macheng Town: A 17-year-old female supermarket cashier was murdered after being stabbed over 10 times by the killer.

According to the police bulletin after the incident, the man who killed Xiao Hu was her boyfriend Shen X whom she met through the internet. The place where Xiao Hu was killed is a supermarket in Bengbu Macheng Town. where she worked, just a little more than 200 meters away from her home.

Surveillance footage during the crime showed: While the girl was being choked by the killer and stabbed to death, two police officers stood right in front of them, yet dared not to go forward to stop it. Not until the perpetrator stabbed himself and fell to the ground did the two policemen go forward to subdue him. The two policemen’s behavior was strongly and angrily condemned by the family members of the deceased.


Girl Stabbed to Death While Chinese Police Officers Stood By
视频: 监拍安徽少女被男子捅死,两警察旁观未制止

August 21, Director Bao of Bengbu City Public Security Bureau Yuhui District Subbureau responded that the two police officers’ reactions were somewhat slow in their handling of the incident, but there was no cowardice and fear of death.


Believe it or not, I spotted this news on STOMP later on:

China police who watched girl get stabbed to death will not be punished

The two police officers who watched as a young girl was stabbed to death just 2 metres away will not be punished, and are still carrying out their usual duties. The information was obtained from the Bengbu city Public Security Bureau after an investigation was carried out.

They found that there was no dereliction of duty and failure to act by the two police officers. The two officers have not been affected by this incident, and remain in their positions, going to work as usual.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

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