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Polo Mint Makers finally pay £10 to schoolboy who found prize sweet in pack – 17 YEARS ago

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Polo mint makers finally pay £10 to schoolboy who found prize sweet in pack 17 YEARS ago

  • James Barnard found green Polo mint in 1996 at age of 11
  • Nestle was offering £10 cash prize for finding coloured Polos
  • Mr Barnard complained to Nestle last week that he’d never received his prize
  • Nestle apologised for ‘hole-ly unacceptable’ service

It was a real-life Golden Ticket moment every 11-year-old dreams of – albeit one of a different colour.

Now – 28 years old

But James Barnard had to wait 17 years before he was finally awarded his £10 prize money for finding the green Polo mint – in 1996.  The then 11-year-old found the green sweet in his packet when sweet giant Nestle was running a ‘Golden Polo’ competition, with cash prizes for customers who found different coloured sweets from the usual white mints.

He excitedly sent a letter to the company – along with his prizewinning Polo – expecting to be sent his £10 reward. But he never received his cash prize – until last week.

Mr Barnard, now 28, remembered the competition and again wrote to Nestle to complain that they still owed him the money. To his surprise, Nestle duly sent him the cheque for £10 – along with a packet of complimentary Polos and a letter of apology.

Mr Barnard revealed today that he has framed his cheque and mounted it on the wall of his home in Surbiton, Surrey.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2398367/Polo-mint-payout-Nestle-pays-10-schoolboy-green-Polo-17-years-ago.html#ixzz2cbHJWfDm

Well, better late than never right?(:

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