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Mum ridicules son in packed restaurant comparing him to smart classmate

Spotted on STOMP:

Mum ridicules son in packed restaurant comparing him to smart classmate

STOMPer Anonymous was taken aback by the way this mother was ridiculing her son in public. According to the STOMPer, she was scolding him loudly and even crushed his worksheet to throw at him at one point.

Anonymous wrote:

“I was at Hougang Mall’s MacDonald’s on Sunday, 18 Aug. It was rather packed as it was a weekend, and the voice of this woman caught my attention. Seated at a corner, she was scolding her son loudly despite the crowd.

She reprimanded him for his lousy work and answers, and even about the way he held his pen. She was comparing her son to his classmate, saying things like, “Holding your pen like X (not his real name) does not make you smart like him, your work is rubbish compared to his.”

She even said that she had deliberately brought him out to a public place for him to feel embarrassed. I also saw her crushing his worksheets and throwing them at his direction.

Witnessing this incident really made me feel that the kids these days are under a lot of stress. Every parent has their own way of teaching their own children. However, the question is, will the soft or harsh approach work? Should we be making a ridicule out of our own children like this in public? I believe that even as a child, they should have their own pride and a happy childhood memory.

And I guess a parent should never compare their own children with others. What’s your take on this?”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Poor parenting much?

I don’t think any parents should put their own children down. And comparing your child with others is really awful. This comes from experience because..well, as the only child – my mom likes to compare me with my smarter cousins, LKH’s sons/daughters, NTU/NUS scholars etc and the like. It’s pretty shitty because sometimes..you know..not all people are geniuses. Plus, you’ll feel really demoralized and it may affect you psychologically in the long run. Think: low self-esteem.

Still, at least my mom didn’t embarrass me in public that what this mom did to her poor kid. And it was a Sunday – let him enjoy a day off at least? ;/

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