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SHOCKING | Malaysian Man cuts son’s neck and drinks his blood

Spotted on Yahoo Newsroom:

Man cuts son’s neck, drink’s his blood, saying voices tell him to do it

Like in a scene from the 1991 gripping thriller “Silence of the Lambs” featuring the cannibalistic Dr Hannibal Lecter, a 30-something Suluk man cut the neck of his seven-year-old son and drank his blood in Lahad Datu, Sabah yesterday. The Borneo Insider said the gruesome scene unfolded at the wooden home of the man’s mother-in-law in Kg Ipil, Lahad Datu, at around 9pm on Thursday night. Sources told the news portal that the father-of-three had abandoned his wife in Sandakan, before going to his in-law’s home with the boy.

Hours later, the man, who was believed to be high on syabu, cut his son alive in front of his in-laws, according to the news report. Upon hearing loud screams, neighbours rushed over to the house. The enraged man then ran amok in the village, and stabbed a villager with a piece of sharp wood, before a group of angry neighbours managed to overpower and beat him up.

Police then rushed to the scene and arrested the man, who was unconscious from the beating.  Police then continued at the crime scene and a police dog unit was called in to assist in finding the murder weapon. All this time, the body of the child lay lifeless in the living room, and was only taken to the hospital near midnight.

The man’s mother-in-law told police that they were watching television in the living room together with the suspect when he “walked into the kitchen and came back with a knife to commit the gruesome act”. Like in the Hannibal thriller, the suspect then sipped the blood that was dripping from the neck of his son, despite the mother-in-law trying to stop him.

She is also believed to have told the police that the suspect was a syabu addict and she suspected that he could have had a fix of the drug shortly after arriving from Sandakan. Police also rushed the injured villager to hospital for treatment before recording his statement. It is also believed that while being taken to the hospital, the suspect regained consciousness and told the police that he heard voices in his ears instructing him to kill his son.

When he got to the hospital, he attempted to escape but was overpowered by the police. He was then handcuffed to his hospital bed, reported the Borneo Insider. The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

Credits:Yahoo Newsroom

That’s some freaking disturbing news don’t you think so? :S
The boy was just 7 years old! And to make it worst..he was the son! 

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