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Cyber Love | Malaysian Woman Marries Paralyzed Chinese Man from Hebei China

Spotted on Chinasmack:

Paralyzed Man from Hebei Marries Malaysian Woman, Cyber Love Comes Full Circle

Li Kangyu, a 38-year-old man from Hebei Tangshan, held a wedding ceremony with Yan Shuying from Malaysia and tied the knot as husband and wife. Due to the rheumatoid arthritis at a very young age, Li Kangyu has laid in bed for 31 years. Despite joint necrosis, ankylosis, and muscular atrophy, his optimistic attitude infected Yan Shuying, who lives far away in Malaysia. After two years of online dating, they decided to get married. Family members from both sides, who were once opposed to their marriage, were moved by their insistence. In China, Li Kangyu’s only income is the low government subsidy of 2,300 yuan per year, but Yan Shuying claims she’s prepared to share the joys and sorrows of life with Li Kangyu together. Living in Kuala Lumpur, Yan Shuying says she has always longed for country life and now has had her wish fulfilled.

In Hebei Tangshan, the day before the wedding, Yan Shuying receiving a long distance call from her sister in Malaysia, telling her sister the location of the hotel where their wedding would be held.

Their wedding picture placed on the computer desk in front of Li Kangyu. Because Li Kangyu isn’t able to stand up, the picture was Photoshoped.

Li Kangyu says he particularly likes the instant noodles Yan Shuying brings from Malaysia. Though he loves noodles, Li Kangyu rarely ate such in the past because he couldn’t take care of himself [eat the noodles on his own].

On August 5th, at Tangshan city Hebei Province, Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying showed off their sweet marriage certificate.

When speaking of how their love came to be, warm tears ran down Li Kangyu’s cheeks. According to Yan Shuying: “Apart from the physical illness, Li Kangyu is better than many other people. Though he has never attended school, he knows a lot about history, geography, current affairs, etc. And he is very smart.  He is very earnest and brave towards life, and the physical disability makes him even more positive. I’m very moved. He can be my guide, walking with me on the road of life.

Yan Shuying says she’s very happy being with Li Kangyu and hopes that she can look after him her whole life.

Yan Shuying holding her wedding gown in her hands and showing it to Li Kangyu, the two of them both very excited for the wedding.

In order to save on wedding expenses, Yan Shuying wears a wedding gown she bought on the internet for 165 yuan. Li Kangyu’s cousin helps her with the make-up.

Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying taking their wedding photo on the bed.

Cousins using cell phones to take photos of Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying.

Group photo of Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying’s mother, brother, sister-in-law, and sisters.

Right before the start of the wedding ceremony, the brother-in-law lifts Li Kangyu up, getting ready to go to the wedding site.

Li Kangyu lying on the couch.

Before the start of the wedding ceremony, Li Kangyu lies on the couch on the wedding stage, waiting quietly for the ceremony to begin.

Yan Shuying is walking into the wedding hall with her brother.

Yan Shuying’s brother walking his little sister arm-in-arm into the wedding hall.

Li Kangyu is reading the wedding vow.

The wedding.

Li Kangyu reading the wedding vows with Yan Shuying’s help.

The wedding ring.

The host holding up the wedding ring representing their love, showing it to the guests gathered.

Leaving the wedding site.

After the wedding ceremony, and “surrounded” by the crowd, Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying leave the wedding site.

Heading for the bridal chamber.

“Surrounded” by the crowd, Li Kangyu and Yan Shuying heading for their “bridal chamber” at the hotel.

Credits: ChinaSmack

So far reactions from around the world has been pretty mixed as seen below ranging from netizens saying that it is a romantic love story and giving well wishes while others are saying that the woman just ruined her life with him.

In your opinion – what do you think?

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