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German Couple Invites all Singaporeans to Have Dinner with Them!

Spotted on Youtube:

German Couple Invites all Singaporeans to Have Dinner with Them! 


Yepp, you heard that right! Basically, this is an open invitation, which means it’s for any Singaporean who’s watching and might be interested.

An open dinner invitation to Singaporeans: let’s share a meal together 

That’s such a lovely couple from Germany!

I was smiling all the while when watching the video because both Stefan and Dana just seem so genuine, humorous and friendly! And they really do seem to want to share their German cuisine (no sausages, they promised) and culture with us – Singaporeans.

The reason being is because they want to give something back in return for the hospitality that they have received in their 2 years in Singapore. 

Basically, I’m just awed that they are willing to open their homes to complete strangers and cook for them! Honestly..I don’t think any Singaporean would ever do that – can you? And because of that, some people are questioning the authenticity of the video as seen spotted on STOMP here. But for me, I’m not going to question it(:

Well, if you’re interested to have dinner with this lovely couple, you can drop an email to discuss with them here: danac.stefanm@gmail.com

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