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Bangkok university makes students wear anti-cheating helmet during mid-term exams

Spotted on Coconuts Bangkok:

Bangkok university makes students wear anti-15cheating helmet during mid-term exams

In an effort to curb rampant cheating, Bangkok’s Kasetsart University created an anti-deceit paper helmet for students to wear during their midterm exams.

The device, which resembles horse blinders made out of computer paper, was unofficially unveiled on an alumni Facebook page. Shortly after being uploaded the photo was quickly taken down, but not before a loyal Coconuts reader Thanut Udomhirun captured a screenshot of the helmets in action.

Coconuts is still searching for more information on the helmet. It’s not clear how many classes use the device or how long the university has taken such extreme measures. Thanut mentioned that in addition to the helmet, there were two versions of the test given out to students.

Credits:Coconuts Bangkok

I just LOL-ed the moment I saw the photo. Like..wth? Is cheating so rampant in the university? I’m pretty surprised to see this at their level. But on the other hand, this is seriously so freaking hilarious. And they look ridiculous too.


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