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Zoo in China passes off Tibetan Mastiff as African lion, Rats as Snakes & Fox as Leopard

Spotted on Global Times China:

Dog posing as lion causes uproar at Henan zoo

Visitors at a Henan Province zoo expressed outrage after discovering exhibits claiming to house exotic specimens instead kept Tibetan mastiff and other more common animals.

A park visitor surnamed Liu noticed something wasn’t right at People’s Park Zoo in the city of Luohe last week when her 6-year-old son pointed out that the African lion they had paid to see had begun barking. Upon closer inspection she discovered the animal was in fact a Tibetan mastiff, the Orient Today reported on August 14.

1. A Tibetan mastiff is housed in an African lion enclosure 

“I feel the zoo tricked me with putting a dog in a lion exhibit,” Liu said.

An unnamed zoo employee told the paper that the park does have an African lion, which has temporarily been transported to a breeding facility. The report failed to address why a fully-manned mastiff was being kept in the lion exhibit.

At least three other kinds of animals were found housed in incorrectly-named exhibits: two rodents in a display labeled ‘snakes’, a fox-like mammal in an enclosure for leopards and another dog in a wolf pen, said the report.

2. Rodents (Rats) in the SNAKE enclosure

3. White fox in spotted leopard’s enclosure

4. Dog in wolf’s enclosure

The paper also quoted an unnamed official who accuses the zoo of illegally charging visitors and operating without required licenses from the local government. Yu Hua, head of the People’s Park, said he will push the zoo to correct the situation as soon as possible.

Users of China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo service mocked the zoo.

“This is not funny at all. It’s sad for both the zoo and the animals,” said one.
They should at least use a husky to pretend to be a wolf,” said another.

Credits:Global Times China

My first reaction was this:

I mean, seriously?

I really hope no one was silly enough to fall for this actually.
But actually, I gotta admit that this article is pretty funny.


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