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BREAKING | National Day Fatal CTE Accident – Driver IDENTIFIED: Du Zhen Yang

Spotted on The Real Singapore:


The driver involved in the fatal CTE crash that killed four people has been identified by Malaysia’s Chinese media as a 34 yr old ethnic Chinese man called Du Zhen Yang (杜振洋).

The crash happened at around 4am on National Day when a Singaporean was driving his Korean girlfriend and her family to the airport. They had stopped by the side of the road to fix a flat tyre when another car had crashed into them. Only the Korean girl’s brother was spared. Read the full story HERE

Mainstream Media in Singapore has also reported on the issue, but DID NOT disclose the identity of the driver who caused the crashIt was only reported that the 34 yr old man responsible has been arrested for dangerous driving and his license has been suspended. However, he has been released on police bail at the moment.

It is puzzling why the identity of the driver was not released in Singapore while media outlets in other countries had access to the information.

Malaysia’s Chinese media outlet Kwong Wah eNews had access to the drivers identity and had published the information in its report about the fatal crash:



Kwong Wah News had reported that the 34 yr old ethnic Chinese man named Du Zhen Yang was suspected to have been drink driving and was arrested at the hospital.  If Malaysian media had access to the driver’s name, Singapore’s media should have too. This then raises the question of why the name was deliberately left out of reports about the incident in Singapore.

Credits:The Real Singapore

Indeed, I was wondering about why they never revealed the driver’s identity, race or name at all as mentioned in my previous post yesterday HERE. Most people are jumping to the immediate conclusion that this Du Zhen Yang (杜振洋) person is a PRC Chinese because not a lot of Chinese in Singapore have the surname, Du. Other than that..what begs the question is – why was his name deliberately left out in the reports?

Of course, these are all just speculations. Nothing concrete yet, but well..what do you think?

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