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Fatal CTE crash: Victim’s dad ready to forgive driver if he wasn’t drunk

By now, you should have heard about the fatal CTE crash that occurred just on National Day week as written here. What shocked me the most was this news though:

Fatal CTE crash: Victim’s dad ready to forgive driver if he wasn’t drunk

The father of the trainee pilot killed in the fatal CTE accident early Friday morning is ready to forgive the driver who caused the crash, provided he had not been drink driving.

Dear Sir, if this incident was due to your carelessness, or even your recklessness, my whole family will accept this as fate. And we forgive you for what happened,” said Mr Ayoub Ahmat, 51, during an interview with The Straits Times. But if you took the steering wheel while you were intoxicated, it’s a bit difficult for us to forgive you, even if you seek to apologise.”

Mr Ayoub Ahmat buried 23-year-old Amron, his only son and the eldest of his four children, on Friday. He called the accident “the worst mistake” of the black multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) driver’s life.

The fatal accident that killed Mr Amron, his Korean girlfriend Jamie Song, 24, as well as her parents, happened at 3am on August 9, towards the Seletar Expressway, before the Yio Chu Kang exit. They had been headed for the airport when their car stalled and they alighted — only to be hit by another car.

Only Ms Song’s older brother, standing beside the car, was not injured. The rest of the family members had been standing behind the car when hit. The 34-year-old man who was driving the other car was arrested for dangerous driving causing death, and his driving licence has been suspended, police said on Friday.

The Korean man who saw his family die in the fatal crash on the Central Expressway (CTE) in the wee hours of last Friday (Aug 9) has returned home to South Korea with their ashes.

Mr Song Seoung Hwan, a 30-year-old professional golfer based in China, was heading to the airport with his family — consisting of both his parents and his 24-year-old sister, Jamie Song — in a car driven by Jamie’s boyfriend, 23-year-old trainee pilot Mr Amron Ayoub when tragedy struck at around 3am.

Relatives of the Song family flew down from Korea to bid an emotional farewell to the family at the cremation yesterday morning (Aug 12).

Credits:STOMP Singapore

I really think that the father is a very magnanimous, or a better word – forgiving person. Having to suffer to loss of his elder son is a very painful thing. I feel even sadder for the girlfriend and her family, especially her older brother who survived the accident. Imagine how devastating it must be for him..his parents, his sister..just gone like that.

Noticed that the media never revealed the name, race or any details about the driver involved except calling him the 34 year old man. Who is he exactly? Anyway, I really do hope that it’s definitely not due to drunk driving either that caused this fatal and tragic accident.

Regardless, he will definitely have to suffer the guilt of killing not just one – but four innocent people for life.

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