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VIDEO | Masked men rob driver in broad daylight at Johor Bahru

Spotted on STOMP:

Video that has every M’sian talking: Masked men rob driver in broad daylight

A shocking video of a group of four masked men robbing a driver in broad daylight in Johor Bahru has become a major talking point online.


Based on the video, this incident took place in Johor Baru in broad daylight and involved four masked men armed with baseball bats. It is unclear what valuables they took from the driver, but the car was left flipped on its side on the road shoulder.

The robbers were seen making their getaway in a white pick-up truck afterwards. The clip has received more than 300 comments, and 4,000 shares since it was uploaded on Facebook yesterday (Aug 11). In addition to shock at the audacity of the carjacking, many FB users expressed anger that nobody stepped forward to help the driver.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

My goodness..the audacity of these robbers. Super scary sia! But like many, one thing that I just am puzzled about – why didn’t anyone stop to help the driver?! ;/

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