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Cafehopping | Chock Full of Beans @ Changi Village

One of my colleagues from work, Lloyd was here a couple of weeks ago, and I saw this fabulous looking latte art which he posted on Instagram. This then prompted me to drag Crystal and the bf to check out the place after that(:

Chock Full Of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090, Singapore 500004


It’s located at a relatively not too accessible place in my opinion at Changi Village so I’m glad the bf got the car! We parked at the open air carpark opposite Changi Village Hotel and spotted Chock Full of Beans a few steps away(:

Interior & Decor

Just to prepare you – it’s not a very big cafe and there are relatively limited seating both indoor and outdoor. We went there at about 3pm or so, so there weren’t as much people, but later when we left – the cafe was almost full!

Anyway, here’s your first glimpse at Chock Full of Beans:

It was a pretty hot day, so we opted to sit in the air con comfort at this relatively high table – of which Crystal was teasing me merciless – are you tall enough to sit? Bah. Oh and pardon the crappy photos, I brought my camera but I forgot to put my battery pack inside. Smart eh?

There’s a very homely, comfy and relaxed atmosphere here that we really like here. We could sit here and chill the whole day!


Weekend + Brunch Menu

Moving on to the menu – as usual for your reference, I’ve taken photos of it. Actually the menu is just one huge double sided piece of paper but I broke it down for you so it’s easier to see. Pardon the relatively blurry photos though.

Quite a variety of options offered and we were so spoilt for choice!

Loads of drinks to choose from as well!(:


The Drinks

So yes, as mentioned, this is what I came for – the lovely latte art, because I’ve heard so many people raving over them! Unfortunately, as the bar can get busy, we aren’t able to request for a specific latte art so we just got random ones. Pretty happy with ours though which comes serves in an engine red cup(:

1. Caffe Mocha – S$5.50 + Extra Shot – Additional S$1.00

Here’s Crystal’s Caffe Mocha with this cute bear latte art. Kyahhh~ How cute right?! Tastewise is not bad too according to her.

2. French Hot Chocolate – S$5.00

The bf and I shared a French Hot Chocolate which I requested for latte art as well. Hee and I got Snoppy~ Was so busy admiring over the latte art, it broke my heart to stir it so that I could drink it… 🙁

Bwahahhaa, looks so different after that right? Tastewise – it’s really, really thick and rich. Excellent hot chocolate I would say. Thumbs up!


The Food

Honestly, as I mentioned like a zillion times, I came here for the latte art – HAHAHA!
But you know what? The food surprised me, in a good way of course(:

1. Creamy Mushroom Soup – S$7.00

As an avid mushroom lover, how can I not order the mushroom soup right? And that was an excellent choice I have to say because both Crystal and I slurped it down in gusto. Came with 3 pieces of toasted bread as well which just went so well with the soup. Definitely recommend that you order!(:

2. Ultimate Swiss Rosti – S$18.00

The bf loves rosti, so I immediately pointed out the ultimate swiss rosti dish for him on the menu. This comes with 2 LONG and huge chicken cheese sausages, scrambled eggs and a small rosti topped with mushroom. Both Crystal and I tried abit of each and oh my gosh – it was sooo good!

Just have to mention here –  not sure if the delay was due to the kitchen or something, but it took quite some time before our food arrived. The bf was almost done with his when ours finally came.

3. Eggs Atlantic – S$13.00

Crystal had the eggs atlantic which is basically poached eggs on smoked salmon on top of the homemade toast with hollandaise sauce which also comes with a side of salad. Ahhh, just looking at the photo makes me salivate because I still remember the taste. Yum!

4. Portobello Benedict – S$12.00

Instead of the normal eggs benedict or atlantic, I opted to go for the more unique portobello benedict – which is basically the same as Crystal’s except that my poached eggs rested on a HUGE portobello mushroom (instead of smoked salmon) on top of the homemade toast.

The only downside is that my bread was uneven, making it difficult to cut. Still, I really liked mine alot, but I prefer Crystal’s Eggs Atlantic over it. Too much mushroom, hehe.

We opted out for dessert even though it looked mighty tempting. Like look at that gorgeous chocolate cakes and strawberry shortcakes! The reason being is because we were headed for a food tasting at Stew Kuche after that for dinner. If not, we probably would have ordered that chocolate cake!


The Verdict

Before the verdict, here’s a selca photo because Crystal refused to take a photo with me. HAHA!

Moving on, so in total, we paid about S$61.50 per person – which works out to be about S$20 per person. Bf thinks it’s too expensive but both Crystal and I think it’s pretty worth it. HAHAHA! This is especially because we left Chock Full of Beans extremely stuffed and happily satisfied with everything we had(:

On the whole, I would recommend you to check out Chock Full of Beans for yourself to try out the food! There are loads of choices, and I know that I would most likely be back sometime to try the other food items on the menu the next time too(:

Chock Full Of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090, Singapore 500004

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 4.1/5


At the same time, as mentioned – we were heading to Stew Kuche after for dinner after that, so we decided to take a walk to check out the place while letting our tummies do the digesting work. And here’s what we spotted:

1. Chocolate Origin

Chocolate lava cake and chocolate cake! Need I say more? D:

2. Crepes & Puffs

This is one cafe that I know I will drop by the next time I’m at Changi Village for dessert! I mean, it has these awesome looking puffs, crepes and cakes!

Alrighty, that’s all for this blog post! You can read about my food review on Stew Kuche HERE which we went for a food tasting. So yeah, S$15.00 german crispy pork knuckles? That’s where you can find it(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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