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Way to Cool Off from the Heat – Frozen Watermelon Suits?

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

The fruit of my loins! Proud father shows the world his brilliant method for keeping his son cool… shorts and hat carved from frozen watermelon

China is in the midst of a brutal heatwave right now, but some parents have found a way to help their little ones beat the heat: watermelon. Only, they’re not eating them – they’re wearing them.

A trend started in July in the Wenzhou region of the country when photos of a kid dressed in a watermelon suit started making the rounds on the Internet.

Eventually, the images made their way to China’s microblogging service, Sina Weibo, and ultimately on to TV news stations. Pretty soon, parents across the country were making watermelon suits for their children – and some got rather creative.

There have been watermelon bikinis, hula skirts and even watermelon armor – with some parents spending hours carving suits for their kids.

The reaction to the suits has been relatively positive across China, with people commenting on various blog sites about how the suits are an ‘eco-friendly’ way to cool down kids in the blistering heat.

One potential problem, however, is that babies have very sensitive skin. And while watermelon allergies are rare, the juice from the watermelon against a baby’s skin could cause some irritation.

Another potential issue is wearing the suit for too long. Watermelons rinds are moist, and as they rot they could breed bacteria and germs.

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A rather cute idea huh? HAHA!

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