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Singapore plants flag at Pokemon Video Game World Championships 2013

Spotted on IGN Asia yesterday:

Singapore plants flag at Pokemon World Championships
Who says Pokemon is just for kids?

Talk about timing! Coinciding with her 48th National day, Singapore gained yet another feather in her videogaming cap yesterday, when 22 year old Low Wai Yin became the first Singaporean to qualify for the Pokemon Video Game World Championships.

Together with a contingent of seven other Singaporeans, the Digipen student flew to Vancouver Canada to take part in the Last Chance Qualifier Tournament – the only route to the esteemed Pokemon World Championships. Her strong finish in the Top 4 bracket of the LCQ earned her a place in local history and at the World Championships.

Singapore plants flag at Pokemon World Championships

Though she expressed elation at her win, Wai Yin also said that she just wanted to dive into bed and sleep forever. “The LCQ Grinder is every bit as terrible as rumours suggested it to be,” she said, adding that she never actually expected to make it this far.

“I really don’t know what to expect tomorrow at Worlds, so I’m going to be hunkering down with the rest of the [Singapore] team to see what to do,” she finished.

Wai Yin is the only Southeast Asian to qualify for the WCS via the Last Chance Qualifier this year. Her opponents in the Top 8 bracket included two Japanese players and a slew of Western players. Fellow Singaporean Eugene Tan also made it to the Top 8, but did not qualify out of it. Her victory is reminiscent of Singaporean’s EVO Champion DM MCZ Xian’s recent win in Las Vegas.

The crew at IGN Asia wishes Wai Yin all the best for her battles tomorrow, and we’d like to give a big kudos to the rest of the players who flew, out of their own pockets, all the way to Vancouver to try and do Singapore proud! 

Credits:Mary-Anne Lee of IGN Asia

I know..the first thing in your mind should be..what? There’s a Pokemon Video Game World Championships?! Yes, I never heard of it either, but well, you can check out a snippet of it here:

2013 Pokémon Trading Card Game and Video Game World Championships

It’s a pretty big scale event! D:

Anyway, GOGO Low Wai Yin! 😀

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