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SHOCKING | Doctor sold newborn to human traffickers in China telling mother that son too ill to survive

Imagine if you are a mom, and the doctor tells you that your newborn baby boy is too ill to survive. Then behind your back, she sells him to human traffickers.

Yeah, that’s what this doctor as seen from the news spotted on DailyMail UK below:

Moment mother was reunited with baby boy after doctor ‘sold him to human traffickers by pretending he was too ill to survive’ 

  • Obstetrician Zhang Lin has been arrested in Shaanxi province
  • Allegedly sold the baby to human traffickers for £3,000
  • Police found the boy after his mother Dong Wan became suspicious
  • Officials investigating at least seven similar cases in the region
Emotion: Dong Wan cries as she holds her newborn son after being reunited with him in hospital
Joy: Ms Dong, 31, is handed her baby after he was recovered from human traffickers

She is accused of persuading the mother to sign the baby over to the hospital before selling the boy to traffickers for £3,000 ($4,600). Police in Shaanxi province say the doctor has now been arrested and fear the sale may be the tip of the iceberg.

Officers are investigating at least seven similar cases in the region.  The healthy baby boy was tracked down by investigators after Dong became suspicious.

Relief: The mother had been tricked by her obstetrician into handing over her son to him
Crime: Ms Dong spoke of her pain at being tricked by the doctor she had previously trusted

The mother said: ‘I was told the baby would not survive and the best thing for me would be to let the hospital take care of it so I did.’ After signing the documents at The Fuping County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, Dong changed her mind and begged her husband, Lai Guofeng, to call the police.

The baby was tracked down hundreds of miles away in neighbouring Henan province where the original traffickers had sold him on for a profit.

Dong Wan’s baby son (pictured) was sold to human traffickers in China after she was allegedly told by doctor Zhang Lin that he was born with severe health problems and would not survive
The baby’s heartbroken father Lai Guofeng (left) and mother Dong Wan (right) became suspicious after doctors said their son was too ill to live and called police

Police investigators say Zhang and two suspected accomplices are under arrest. Local deputy director Chen Jainfeng said: ‘The suspects told us where the baby was and with the help of local police we found the child. The baby is undergoing medical tests and is on his way home.’

A relative sobs over a picture of the boy
Zhang Lin, an obstetrician at The Fuping County Maternal and ChildHealth Care Hospital (pictured), has been arrested and police say they are investigating a further seven similar cases

Credits: Daily Mail UK

That doctor is so unscrupulous and callous! Luckily the mother decided to call the police..but imagine how many times the obstetrician may have done to a number of parents and their newborn babies before that..

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