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Food Review | Porterhouse Restaurant & Bar Singapore @ Killiney Road

Been on a slightly lucky streak recently! Like, a couple of weeks ago, I won a free steak and beer meal from Porterhouse Restaurant & Bar and so, just 2 weeks ago, I dropped by to claim my meal with the bf in tow(:

Porterhouse Restaurant & Bar
111/113 Killney Road, Singapore 239550


Exterior & Interior

Here’s the entrance – so apparently there is this air conditioned sitting area and an non-air conditioned area. The former seemed to be closed so we headed into the non air conditioned area. Bad choice as I thought there was going to be aircon and wore a little blazer. Pheww it was hot!

Note to self: Just wear tees and shorts the next time, I didn’t realize it was such a casual place -,-

More photos of the interior:

You can tell that it’s a great place to chill out at (although it’s a little hot)

Because we already sat I could only longingly look at the other room with the air conditioning. But there wasn’t anyone there, so I didn’t know if we could sit there at that point – should have asked huh?



As always, here’s the full menu for your reference. Was looking at the prices and thought – whew, these look pretty expensive to me but wellll, luckily I have my free steak!

The drinks menu is pretty comprehensive and looks decently priced, though some may find it a tad too expensive.


The Food

Basically my complimentary meal includes a sirloin steak with fries and salad (including a beer) and it’s worth S$24. This isn’t on the menu from what I’ve seen, but luckily they did allow the bf to order the same set as myself for S$24.00. He was debating over this and a pasta, but well, it’s kinda like a steakhouse right – so beef it is!

Here’s a photo of the bf giving the ‘Oh yay, picture time – this means I can’t get to eat till Daph is done with all the photo taking‘ face:

1. Sirloin Steak with Fries & Salad

And here it is!(: If I’m not wrong, this should be the Australian Grain Fed Sirloin (240g) that we had which comes with fries and air flown salad.

Unfortunately, didn’t care much for the salad as I prefer romaine lettuce (a couple there) but not all.

The fries were nice and crispy – the bf liked them.

Most importantly, we come to the steak! Looking at the photo makes my mouth water a little recalling the taste – or maybe that’s because I’m a huge fan of beef HAHA! I think for a sirloin cut, it’s not too bad as I usually tend to order rib eye.

Can you guess the doneness that we both had respectively?(:
Hehe, well, I had rare while the bf had medium rare ;x

Tastes great dipped with their given sauce/gravy! The only downside is the liberal sprinkling of black pepper – which I dislike, but other than that it’s not too bad.

The Beer

If you have been following my Instagram (@mitsueki), I think you might have spotted a photo of myself sipping a beer during that hot afternoon. Waa it’s really shiok to drink a bottle of ice cold beer paired with steak in the afternoon!

2. Wolters Pilsener – S$12.00

Cute eh? Came in a Tiger beer cup so my friends were like – ehhh tiger beer ah? And I was like *nose in the air*, oh’s Wolters Pilsener! Tastewise, it’s definitely not as bitter as most – but the aftertaste is really strong. So, I definitely will stick to my cider and cocktails XD

Cheers~ (@mitsueki on Instagram!)

The Dessert

We ended off the meal with dessert because the bf likes chocolate. Hehe. It took awhile for the chocolate lava cake to arrive and we were eagerly expecting it. I think something went wrong in the kitchen according to the staff who apologized for the wait, but ehh, we were fine. So finally, out it came!

3. Chocolate Lava Cake Porterhouse Style – S$9.90

Not sure if it was attributed to the kitchen issue or it’s the Porterhouse style but eh, the cake was just plain ol chocolate cake and it was just sitting on the ‘chocolate lava’. So yeah, we we cut into it, usually you would expect the chocolate lava to come flowing out right? D:

But lol, I’m a weird person because I actually prefer this style HAHAHA. The ice cream was a little disappointing cos it’s just the normal vanilla ice cream – I was expecting better ice cream actually. Ah well, if you’re looking for nice chocolate lava cake (bf likes!) and really awesome ice cream, then you might want to check out Cacio E Pepe instead(:


The Verdict

So in total, the bf paid about S$34.00 for his meal and this chocolate lava cake which is a steal considering the prices in the menu. Luckily we had the free steak and beer! Overall, I thought everything was just okay – nothing much to rave about but I probably wouldn’t be back to try the other food items on the menu because of the prices (too expensive for our wallets!). if there’s an offer or deal on then we might consider!

In my opinion though, I think that it’s a nice and relaxed place to chill out with friends in the evening with some tapas and drinks if you’re around the area. Meanwhile, thumbs up for the service there and thank you Porterhouse Restaurant & Bar as well as HopsBeverages for selecting me as one of the winners(:

Porterhouse Restaurant & Bar
111/113 Killney Road, Singapore 239550


Before I end off, just wanted to share with you what else is on that stretch of shophouses over at the area(:

1. The Chicken Rice Ex-Press

I’ve heard a couple of raves about this place, may drop by next time!

2. Killiney Curry Puff

Was tempted to get my mom one ~_~

3. House of Rice Roll and Porridge

May drop by to try the mushroom chee cheong fun!

4. AOI Sushi

5. Teck Kee Tanglin Pau

6. Marutama Ramen

Heard some raves about this, but there are 2 outlets at Central and Liang Court may go there instead as it’s more convenient!

7. The Orange Lantern (Vietnamese)

8. Warung M.Nasir

9. Song Huat Bak Kut Teh Kitchen

Heard claims that this serves the best bak kut teh in Singapore – not too sure about the claim though!

10. Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux

The reason why I walked by all the shophouses..was to get to this place in order to grab some pastries..but it was closed by the time we reached. Yeah, I think their operating hours on Saturday or was it Sunday is till 4pm? We finished eating at about 5 or so ;/

11. Real Food Organic Grocer & Cafe

This cafe is marked to be one of my cafehopping locations in the future so stay tuned for that(:

Finally ending off this..ehh relatively long blog post with a picture of us. Smile xx

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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