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Precautionary recall of Mamil Gold PreciNutri Step 2 formula

Spotted on AsiaOne and Today Online:

Precautionary recall of Mamil Gold PreciNutri Step 2 formula

Danone Dumex has issued a precautionary recall of one of its products – Mamil Gold PreciNutri Step 2 After 6 Months Follow-up Formula. In a note published on the Dumex website, the company says that Fonterra had informed them of a potential quality issue in one of the ingredients supplied. Some products packed in Malaysia “may have been contaminated”, Dumex said.

Consumers are warned against consuming the product if they are under the following batch numbers:

  • FGMG2RG0900TNSG2906043R1 (expiry date June 4, 2015) 
  • FGMG2RG1600TNSG2906053R1 (expiry date June 5, 2015)

Dumex said that there have been no reports of any illness linked to the consumption of the product as yet, and that the recall only affects the two batches. Other batches of the same product are not affected.

Credits:AsiaOne News & Today Online

So, parents – do take note!

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