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VIDEO | Watch this Korean woman fails her driving test…in just 10 seconds

Spotted on STOMP:

See how Korean woman fails driving test…in just 10 seconds

A woman in South Korea managed to fail her driving test spectacularly, ending in the car turning turtle. Thankfully, she was taking her test on a deserted road, but the poor instructor was in the car with her.

In the viral YouTube clip which was posted on July 29, the driving instructor can be heard frantically shouting, ‘Brake! Brake! Brake!’ as the vehicle veers off course.

김여사님의 진격!

This happened on July 18, according to the timestamp on the car’s dashboard camera. However, his cries seem to have no effect, as his student mounts a grass verge and manages to flip the car over and the impact smashes its windscreen.

Oh my, what do we do?’ she says as this happens. ‘That’s why I told you to press the brakes,’ the man replies in the video, asking her, ‘What were you pressing? I’m going to go crazy. Get out of the car,’ he concludes.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

I know what you’re thinking!

Female Drivers..

Okay, but anyway that was pretty funny, though it was dangerous at the same time. I just lol-ed all the way! Poor instructor, haha!

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