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Food Review | Stew Kuche – German Crispy Pork Knuckles, Oxtail Stew & More!

Invited Food Tasting

I received an invitation to enjoy a food tasting recently, and just yesterday, I brought Crystal and the bf over as my invited guests to enjoy some Swiss-German cuisine at Stew Kuche!(:

Stew Küche
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40
Singapore, Singapore 151119


Interior & Exterior

As you can tell, Stew Kuche is located at the Block 119’s coffeeshop next to AIA Building and Ikea near Queenstown Shopping Centre at the Alexandra/Bukit Merah area. It’s all outdoors seating so that’s why I decided to pick a timing at night instead because it’s more cooling, hehe.

We drove there by the way, but parking is horrendous as it’s super crowded! Luckily we managed to get one near Block 119 where it is located. Meanwhile, it’s pretty easy to spot Stew Kuche as you can tell from the photos below.

Fancy that! A Swiss-German food stall in a coffeeshop? D:



As always, here’s the entire food menu for your reference! Also mentioned earlier, Stew Kuche serves Swiss-German cuisine so expect pork knuckles, stews, sausages and so much more!(:

One thing I like most is the extensive menu ranging from not just Swiss-German cuisine, but it also includes other dishes such as pasta and grilled meat in order to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Mustn’t forget the drinks available, namely beer and cider. Oh and I hear that there are over 40+ varieties available!


The Food

We were basically given a choice of anything we wanted, so we decided to try out some of the recommended dishes as well as some of other personal choices. Unfortunately, we had a really late lunch (at 4-5pm!) so most of us were quite full before coming over. Bad choice as we could have tried more of their signature dishes here ><

Moving on, here’s what we ordered:

1. Home Made Cream of Mushroom Soup – S$3.00

As an avid fan of mushroom soup, it’s almost a MUST have to order at everywhere I go. This mushroom soup from Stew Kuche didn’t disappoint and it tastes relatively similar to the one at Marche, albeit at a cheaper price. It’s thick, creamy and full of mushroom bits, yum!

2. Famous Swiss Rosti (Plain) – S$4.50

This is the bf’s favourite dish as he lovees rosti, so it’s also a must order for his case. He likes it plain with a dollop of sour cream as pictured. Appearance wise, we were at first a little dubious about the irregular shape as we are more used to the nicely rounded Rosti but surprisingly, it’s pretty decent in terms of taste! It’s also a little different from the Marche rosti as it comes with black pepper. But we all liked it(:

3. Oxtail Stew – S$18.90

One of the recommended dishes was this oxtail stew which is apparently the customer’s favourite! We were torn between ordering this and OssoBucco which is the chef’s signature dish but we went with the oxtail stew instead. That was really one of the best choices ever!

The stew is fantastic with the tender oxtail meat just falling off the bone easily while the gravy is superb for dipping the nicely toasted baguette slices in! It’s Crystal’s favourite dish as she really really loved the gravy!

4. German Pork Knuckle (Half Knuckle 600-700g) – S$15.00

The main star of the night definitely will have to be the German Pork Knuckles! It’s priced at just S$15.00 for a half knuckle (600-700g) and S$25.00 for a full knuckle (1.3kg). That is really, really cheap as compared to the prices in Marche and Brotzeit at S$43.00 and S$88.00 respectively for a full knuckle.

The German Pork Knuckles come with a side of mashed potatoes and acar (yes, acar) over a pool of gravy as seen pictured below.

The skin is extremely crispy as you cut into it while the meat is oh so nice and tender! There are also loads of fats as you can tell, so this dish is SUPER SINFUL, in a good way of course.

The Drinks

We left the choice of cider/beer to them and here’s what we tried:

1. Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime Cider – S$8.00

Okay, this is officially my most favorite cider drink from now on. It’s really sweet and refreshing – great to drink on hot days. Yum!

2. San Mig Light

Crystal likes this beer alot, I found it too bitter for my taste.


The Verdict:

All of us had an enjoyable time at Stew Kuche – eating, drinks, lepaking (relaxing/chilling) and just chatting. I mean there’s great food, beer/cider and friends on a weekend – what could be better than this?

Would highly recommend that you drop by Stew Kuche to try the food too. Like hey? Where else can you get pork knuckle for S$15?! Portions are huge too and great for sharing with friends and family!(:

They also have two TVs at the coffeeshop and are planning to air the EPL 2013/2014 matches there. Pair that with beer and you’re pretty good to go! Will probably be back again, maybe this time to try their other recommended dishes such as the squid ink pasta and Osso buco.

Lastly, just wanted to thank the lovely people at Stew Kuche for hosting us – we really had a great time!(:

Stew Küche
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40
Singapore, Singapore 151119

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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