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Food Review | Bear Bites 熊の食 Singapore @ Scape*

I spotted this photo on My Paper early last week and instantly knew that I was definitely going down when it opened.

The Story of Bear Bites

On holiday in Japan, the founded chanced upon a unique fusion concept between Taiwanese steamed buns and Japanese cuisine which subsequently sparked off a creative burger concept which embraces the fusion between the different cultures of the East and the West.

The iconic bear paw print on the bun itself is representative of Taiwan’s national animal – Formosan Black Bear. With its highly appealing look and great taste, the Bear Paw Bun is recognized as a must have for any visitor to the famous Feng Jia Night Market in Taiwan.

And now, you can grab the very first Bear Paw Bun outside Taiwan right here in Singapore at Scape*!

Bear Bites 熊の食 Singapore
2 Orchard Link #02-42 *SCAPE
Singapore, Singapore 237978


And so last Friday, I headed down to Scape* with the bestie, Crystal to check it out!(: Basically it’s a pretty small stall that’s relatively easy to find and it’s totally outdoors. It has a small seating area as well, but it’s really difficult to get seats so Crystal and I decided to just do a takeaway.


Here’s the menu board for your reference:

How to Order?

Step 1: Meat
Choose Karaage Crispy Chicken or OISHI Fish Fillet

Step 2: Bear Paw Bun
Choose between Original Milk / Brown Sugar / Yam / Curry / Whole Grain / Squid Ink / Strawberry (Seasonal)

Step 3: Sauce
Choose between Mushroom / Sweet & Spicy Thai / Black Pepper / Tartar / Honey Mustard / Golden Cheese
*You have to top up +0.20 cents for some sauces

In my opinion, it’s more worth it to get a meal(:


Preparation Process:

First look at the adorable bear paw buns in the steamer! And if you were wondering..NO, you cannot just buy the bun alone. Yes, I asked.

Waiting time for your order can be a tad slow, but we had time to spare so it’s okay. Plus gosh, the kitchen looks really hot inside – we were sweating just standing outside waiting for our takeaway orders!


The Food

Basically both of us got the combo: Karaage Crispy Chicken Meal Combo Set – Paw + Cheese Fries + Drink for S$9.00 (Inclusive of a top up S$1.00 for the Cheese Fries and S$0.20 for the mushroom sauce).

1. Karaage Crispy Chicken Bear Paw
*Pardon the bad photos, they were a little squashed as we had a takeaway

Crystal and I chose the mushroom sauce (+S$0.20) while she had the original milk paw bun and I had the whole grain paw bun. We thought that the karaage chicken with the mushroom sauce was just okay, but the main highlight was definitely the paw buns that we had respectively. It’s unfortunate that we can’t just get the paw bun alone because that is the best part of it(:

2. Cheese Fries

It’s hard to go wrong with Cheese Fries so this one is fine too. Tastes alot like KFC’s cheese fries – except with thicker fries(:


Overall, I think the concept of Bear Bites is really cute and it’s a really smart move to bring it to Singapore especially because everyone will definitely love the concept. Like hey, the paw buns are just so Instagram/Facebook/photo friendly!(:

Tastewise – it’s fine too, I love the buns! May go back to try the Bear Paw gelato if I’m around in the vicinity(:

Bear Bites 熊の食 Singapore
2 Orchard Link #02-42 *SCAPE
Singapore, Singapore 237978

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 3/5

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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