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Food Bites | Chunky Cooky Cookies

Stumbled onto this newly opened homemade cookies site called Chunky Cooky owned by Joyce of Eat What Tonight

Randomly decided to place an order for a 100g of Chunky Cooky’s signature chocolate cookies to try out and to share with my colleagues at work(: Price is relatively affordable as it starts from just S$3.50 for a 100g!

Takes a couple of days to receive them and I had the bf collect it at Tanjong Pagar MRT which was next to his workplace, hehe.

For just S$3.50, 100g seems very little, but wow, look at how many cookies there were in the packet!

Shared them with the colleagues and the general feedback is really positive. The cookies are really nice and crispy, rather small and coin shaped which makes it easy to pop into your mouth making it a great snack!

Overall, it’s not too bad. Would purchase from Chunky Cooky again!
Great to give as gifts too as they have relatively nice packaging options!(:

You can visit Chunky Cooky HERE to check it out(:

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