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SHOCKING | Pregnant Wife Cons Young Girl for Husband’s Sexual Needs Then Kills Her

Spotted on chinaSMACK today:

Pregnant Wife Cons Young Girl for Husband’s Sexual Needs

On the 24th of July, while on her way to a friend’s home, 17-year-old girl Hu Yixuan (胡伊萱), who lives in Huannan county of Heilongjiang province, encountered a pregnant woman pretending that her belly was hurting, asking her to help her back to her home upstairs. 

The girl’s kindheartedness instead resulted in the end of a blossoming life. After helping the pregnant woman upstairs [to her home], the husband waiting at home drugged her.

Crime Scene

While she was unconscious, he sexually assaulted her, and then used blankets to suffocate her to death before trying to hide her body after that.

The girl’s final WeChat message was: “Helping a pregnant auntie home, arrived at her home”.

Surveillance footage of the scene of the crime was also released. In the video, one can see footage of Hu Yixuan helping the pregnant woman home and the couple transporting the body after the murder.

实拍孕妇为夫猎性侵者 女孩送其回家被杀

Credits: chinaSMACK

Trending in China at the moment with the netizens:  #悼念天使女孩 (#Grieving for Angelic/Angel Girl) with many people wishing her 一路好走 (good journey). Yes, they call her 天使女孩 (Angelic/Angel Girl).

Meanwhile, I just feel so disgusted at the couple’s behavior especially mainly because they exploited Hu Yixuan’s kindness. After the guy raped her, they just callously suffocated her to death. What a horrible way to die!

Like, why didn’t they just hire a freaking prostitute if he had such sexual urges?! Too poor?! PUI

Hope these VILE people get severely punished for their misdeeds!
Lastly..RIP to Hu Yixuan (胡伊萱)…

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