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WhoaBlogShop | A Little Closet full of Surprises!

Advertorial & Review

It’s been awhile since I did an advertorial for an apparel blogshop! Anyway, I’m really glad to be able to share a relatively new blogshop with you called..WhoaBlogShop!

WhoaBlogShop is a newly opened online store selling nice and affordable Korean style apparels. Most of our stocks are available while stock last.



Ordering & Delivery

The friendly owner of WhoaBlogShop was really nice to sponsor me two dresses of my choice and within less than 2 days of my order, I received them in my mail! That’s really speedy and efficient(:

So here they are, my two choices of apparels from WhoaBlogShop! As you can tell, they were neatly packaged and I was so excited to try them on immediately after I received them!(:


Dress 1

I don’t know, but the dress I selected was really simple but it had these intricate laurel leaf design at the bust area that I really liked!(:

And here it is unpackaged! Looks exactly the same as in the pictures above no?(:


More photos of the dress below, and oops, rather crumpled as I didn’t iron them before taking it – sorry about that! >_<~

Ribbet collage

The dress is made in Korea as you can tell from the tag while the embroidery details are so nice and the material used is lightweight and super comfy!

Ribbet collage1

Best of all, it’s free size so I didn’t have any trouble wearing it! Paired it with my new blazer from another blogshop and I really like how the outfit looks!(: It would definitely look more eyecatching without the blazer but hehe, I don’t ever wear sleeveless dresses out at all so yep!

Ribbet collage3

Haven’t had much opportunity to wear it out yet, but I’m pretty excited to show off this dress I received from WhoaBlogShop!(:


Dress 2

This is the second dress that I picked from WhoaBlogShop though technically it can also be worn as a blouse as it might be a little too short for taller people.

Again, here is the dress unpackaged!


More details of the dress that I received! It even comes with a free belt to give the dress a little more shape as it’s quite flowy.

Ribbet collage4

Here’s a random photo of myself first, hehe:

And here’s how it looks worn! Again, I paired with another one of my new blazers from another blogshop which just looks great when worn together with this lovely black dress from WhoaBlogShop – do you agree?(:


Meanwhile, just wanted to share some of my other top picks from WhoaBlogShop other than the ones I’ve been sponsored and they are..

1. A010079B Embroidery Design Dress – S$27.00

2. A010064B Elegant Lace Dress – S$27.00

3. A010070L Simple Skater Dress – S$29.00

4. A010068W Skater Dress – S$27.00

Gahh~ I really like them all! What do you think?(:
Well, if you’re interested to see more, check them out at WhoaBlogShop HERE!


On the whole, to me, WhoaBlogShop really is a little closet full of surprises because almost everytime I’m there, it’s always updated with more new arrivals that I really like! Best of all, with such pocket friendly priceseverything is under S$30 and lovely Korean inspired designs, there sure will be something for everyone. Added to that, the quality is decent and service to the delivery is very efficient and prompt – so thumbs up for WhoaBlogShop!(:

Ready to shop?


Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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