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A Day Out at Pasarbella – A Farmer’s Market

Just a couple of weeks ago, I headed down to Pasarbella @ The Grandstand (formerly known as Turf City) to visit my nail sponsor – Auum, The Honest Nail Spa which is located there. I’ve heard a lot about Pasarbella since it opened this year so I was really excited to explore the place after doing my nails!(:

PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994
STALLS :              9:30am to 7pm*
RESTAURANTS : 10am to 10pm
*Some stalls operate beyond 7pm at discretion.

So basically as taken from Pasarbella’s website, it’s home to Singapore’s largest community of traders and merchants. Here, you’ll find fresh produce, niche food products and craft retailers in the midst of unique personal service providers and homely eateries.


I think that one of the best ways to get there is by car because the other modes of transportation can be a little inconvenient. There’s a shuttle bus and a couple of buses there if I’m not wrong, you can check it out here for more details.

Parking is free at The Grandstand but it’s all open air. Luckily it wasn’t raining that day so it was pretty alright(: Here are a couple of photos of the entrance, mm I think there are a couple of others but this is the Westpoint entrance right at the end.

The board showcasing the list of traders available at Pasarbella, you can check out the full list available on their website to find out more details about each store here.

So let’s take a quick walking tour of Pasarbella shall we?(:

*Pardon the lousy quality photos ><*

The following are NOT arranged in any particular order whatsoever


Bonheur Patisserie 

We started off by visiting Bonheur Patisserie which sells finely crafted artisan sweets such as macarons with 30 different flavours ranging from Classical, Asian and Fusion flavours and also specialty cakes.

Was really tempted to try at least one of the pound cakes there so I bought a slice of chocolate pound cake to share with the bf.

Pretty moist, rich and overall, not too bad! But of course, technically they are more famous for their macarons as pictured above.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co

Behind it is Dutch Colony Coffee Co that serves freshly roasted specialty coffee. Heard from reviews that it’s not too bad(:

Little House of Dreams

Spotted Little House of Dreams there as well, but I think this is just there temporarily. Pastries looked gorgeous as always!

Seventh Heaven Artisanal Desserts

How can we not have premium ice cream at Pasarbella right(:

Countrygds (?)

Basically located at a small corner with loads of knickknacks for you to check out for home use and decorative purposes

Straits Wine Organic

Basically it focuses on organic, biodynamic wines, juices and artisanal spirits. . Look out for gourmet, organic single varietal fruit juices that come from Germany, artisanal liqueur made by Carthusian Monks since the 1740s, and biodynamic wines from the vineyards of Burgundy.

Mekhala Living

Mekhala offers a range of organic food and natural spa products which is favoured by a discerning and growing clientele that enjoys total body wellness.

The Organic Grocer

Offers a wide variety of organic and natural products, from fresh organic produce and meats, wild caught seafood, to dairy products and cooking essentials. Also caters to special gluten, dairy and nut-free dietary requirements.

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.’s mini Tea Bar serves up its best-selling teas, brewed and prepared with an adventurous twist. Tea lovers will get to sample and experience the flavours and freshness of The 1872 Clipper Teas at its “Tea Indulgence” corner.

Balloon Blasters

Balloon Blasters has the largest range of balloons in Singapore with the focus on balloon decoration and party supplies.


Caria aims to be your little step to this mystical world of Istanbul. From Middle Eastern scents to amazing jewelry, from Mesopotamian carpets to hip fashion items, expect a glimpse of all these at Caria.

Local Artist

Unfortunately I have no idea who this local artist is but it was definitely interesting to take a look at all the displays

The rather famous signboard at Pasarbella – Keep Calm and Carry Food!

Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust will be your ultimate home ware stop at PasarBella. You will be able to choose from interior design items, knick-knacks, melamine, and party items, all from internationally known Danish lifestyle brand RICE.

The Great Beer Experiment

Tickle and tempt your palate with new and limited-edition craft beers from around the world or partake in the Food & Beer Pairing Trails which takes you across the market. Very popular place as it’s always pretty crowded.

Merchants Wine Cellar & Store

Merchants offers an exciting and diverse range of award winning artisan wines produced by small, boutique winemakers. They tend to have loads of wine for tasting and an extensive range available by the glass.

Five & Spice Kitchen

It’s a take-out deli and eat-in tasting kitchen featuring a rotating menu of pates and pestos, marmalades and marinades, and a daily variety of Asian and Western comfort foods made fresh from the CICELY brand of the finest herbs, spices, sauces and condiments.

They also have popcorn! Candied bacon flavor, creme caramel & roasted maple pecans!(:

SaladStop! Gardens @ PasarBella

My favourite salad place also has a stall here – support!(:

Nibbles by Rabbit Carrot Gun

Expect to find homemade pies, Scotch eggs, signature quiches, hand-tied sandwiches in fresh organic bread and so much more English/British classics using seasonal and organic produce.

Our plan was to buy one of these delicious looking pies home after my nail treatment at AUUM – The Honest Nail Spa.

Bitesize Monster

It offers a homey, kid-friendly menu and ambience where customers are immediately greeted with the whiff of freshly made treats such as waffles, brownies and offerings of fresh fruit.

Huber’s Deli

At Huber’s Deli, customers can look forward to savouring Huber’s signature sausages and cold cuts freshly cooked, prepared and served in a thin crusted bun with toppings of your choice.


Spotted this cute sorbet treats store from Popaganda which offers delicious, all natural forizen sorbet treats in a community friendly and sustainable way. Unfortuantely we didn’t manage to try it!

James’ Butchery & Co.

If I’m not wrong, this was taken at James’ Butchery & Co which provides a whole range of gourmet meat selection from beef, pork, poultry, lamb and veal.

Charly T’s

This particular outlet is friendly takeaway concept with their most popular mains, wraps and snacks including their signaure rotisserie chicken. You can read my review of Charly T’s HERE

Oceans of Seafood

If I’m not wrong, all the photos taken below were at Oceans of Seafood which prides themselves in providing seafood of the highest quality at affordable prices in a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. Kinda reminds me a little of the time when I was at Fisherman’s Wharf at San Francisco. Heard the seafood is pretty good – didn’t try it though!


Just hilarious – rooms of ease! But just to mention, the female toilet is rather luxurious!

Bella Bakery

Offers a wide variety of freshly baked loaves, muffins and croissants in the traditional European style. Many unique breads that I have never seen before such as levain and batard!

Le Patio

Famous for the huge pan of paella and French crepes! Unfortunately we didn’t get to try it due to the timing – but rest assured I’ll be back to try it!

Auum – The Honest Nail Spa

Auum is my nail sponsor btw!(: It’s a unique nail salon that provides nail services which are personalized and safe even for children and expecting mothers. Read my review on Auum HERE!

After my pretty nails were done at Auum – The Nail Spa, it was pretty late already and most of the stores were closed by then – about 7pm? Was disappointed that I couldn’t try the paella from Le Patio and the pies from Rabbit Carrot Gun. Luckily, there were still a couple of stalls still open so here they are:

Beef Market

Seems to be a Japanese steamboat area only open at certain timings in the day. Looks pretty decent as it offers premium beef!

Shiraz Mazzeh Gourmet Kebabs

Decided to get a kebab from here to compare it against the one I usually eat from EPIKebabs. Mm..I thought it was just okay, would really prefer my usual. It’s much more expensive too – about S$9 compared to S$5.50 from EPIKebabs.

Da Paolo Gastronomia

Not feeling full yet, we headed to Da Paolo Gastronomia to get ourselves some more food!(: The reason why is because other than the fact that it was still open..they also offer homemade pasta, sauces, salads, pizza, and sandwiches as well as delicious looking pastries.

Check out the pastries!

They were out of Crodos by then 🙁

Got a nougat for my mom

Bf got some fruits dipped in chocolate for the family.

Wheww, the price was like WOAH expensive for a takeaway! S$34.10 for 1 pasta, 1 pizza and 2 strawberry dipped chocolates (my nougats were bought earlier!)!

Luckily, the spaghetti bolognese – S$15.00 is freaking worth it. The serving amount could serve up to two and to me, the taste is almost on par with the one I had at Cacio E Pepe – which I swear has one of the best spaghetti bolognese in Singapore!

Also shared a ham pizza – S$7.30  with the bf. Was okay, nothing too special to rave about!

Overall, I’m pretty happy to have covered quite a number of stalls in my Pasarbella walking tour! I missed out a couple such as Little Provence, Pantry Magic, Poika & Tytar, Poppy Flora Studio, SG Organic, Tangy Tangerines and of course..The Cheese Ark.

Some Description Credits to PasarBella Website


I’ve been to a couple of farmers market in the States and I feel that Pasarbella does have the essence of one, but not entirely. In fact, it feels more like a gourmet and organic foodie’s havenbut maybe that’s just me.

Overall, I think that Pasarbella is a great place for people to explore all the different stalls, have a bite at the many gourmet stalls available and basically, just have a leisurely day out with your family, friends or even a date! Note that it might get a little crowded(:

Definitely will recommend that you drop by for a visit sometime! For myself, I know I will definitely be back again for the food. Hehe

PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994
STALLS :              9:30am to 7pm*
RESTAURANTS : 10am to 10pm
*Some stalls operate beyond 7pm at discretion.

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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3 Comments on “A Day Out at Pasarbella – A Farmer’s Market

  1. I love Pasarbella! I think you are right though, it’s not really like a proper farmers market, probably because it’s inside and has air con when normally they’re in the countryside or outdoors at least. They have a great range of things though so I too would definitely go back for a shop.

  2. I like your review on PasarBella.

    Had a bad experience with Cicely Kitchen (f.k.a. Five & Spice Kitchen) though.

    The boss had a bad attitude and food was too salty. My partner ordered Brussels sprouts and sauteed mushrooms at Cicely Kitchen. Was informed that it would take 5-8mins. Instead, she was made to wait over for 30mins.

    When asked if the food was ready, the staff’s reply was there were many orders before hers. My partner’s sis told the teenage staff that he should have informed my partner earlier instead. We had gotten other food and were waiting for her return.

    I guess this comment must have peeved the boss Alicia Lin off. She came over, scooped the food from the cooking pan and chucked it to my partner & her sis. She said curtly “Nah, take it, take it.”

    Unfortunately, the food was not worth the wait of my family of 7 as both dishes were overly salty. Not wanting to waste our appetite on mediocre food (no problem though with the Boston lobsters, prawns, fish, paella, crackling roast, Iberico pork, russian cakes and the wonderful ale ordered), I took the sprouts back to Cicely Kitchen, told the crew that it was too salty and they can have it back. Sauteed mushroom got chucked unceremoniously into the bin. Anyway, I was not expecting any money back.

    I believe if you want to run a F&B business, the least you can do is to be respectful of your patrons and cook them decent food. Else, you really should not be in this line. Based on what I read in The Straits Times SoShiok article, maybe home cook “extraordinaire” Alicia Lin knows that the end is near hence the terrible attitude.

    Don’t take my words for it. Maybe my palate was tainted by the Iberico pork and lobsters. You might want try Cicely Kitchen again and see if you like the food or have better service.

    Well, I certainly didn’t……

    1. Hi Azimuth,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! And oh dear, that sounded like a very unpleasant experience but I hope that didn’t mar your experience at Pasarbella too much as there are many other restaurants there that are worth to give a go.
      Personally, I have not tried Cicely Kitchen (Five & Spice Kitchen) as I only tried only a couple of other restaurants when I was there last year. Might drop by to try it to see if the standards are okay(:

      Meanwhile, have a great day ahead and thanks for dropping by my blog(:


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