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SHOCKING | Chinese girl singing KTV gets electrocuted by mic and dies

Just spotted this news on STOMP:

Chinese girl singing KTV gets electrocuted by mic and dies

A girl was electrocuted to death by her microphone while at a KTV parlour in China on Tuesday.

Li Lingyu, 21, was reportedly singing Taiwanese band Shin’s song ‘Even In Death I’ll Love (死了都要爱)’ when she suddenly collapsed onto the sofa.

According to Dongbei Net, Lingyu also dropped her mic and three classmates who tried to help her all received electric shocks when they touched her. Another classmate who had been holding on to another mic was also shocked, and became half-numb and temporarily paralysed.

When Lingyu arrived at the local hospital, she was not breathing neither did she have any pulse. She was pronounced dead. The local public security bureau of Heilongjiang, Harbin, is investigating the case.

The incident happened in room 110 which has been sealed off to the public while the other rooms were reported to be operating as normal.

Credits:STOMP Singapore & Beijing Cream

OMG. Seriously dam scary! Not sure about you..but now I’m a little hesitant to sing K for awhile! ><

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