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Food Bites | Pocky Panda Cookies & Cream & Super Slim Pocky!

Last week, I randomly went to one of the Cheers one day and spotted some cute Pocky flavors/boxes which I had never seen before! Even though they are about 2-3x more expensive than the usual pocky – S$1.20 average, I decided to give them a try!(: Mm, and the reason why they are more expensive is because if I’m not wrong – they’re imported directly from Japan!

1. Pocky Panda (Cookies & Cream) – S$2.70

I’m totally in love with the entire kawaii packaging from the box to the packet inside! It’s just so adorable right? In terms of the taste – basically just imagine a pocky stick – but cookies and cream flavour instead of the usual chocolate/milk/strawberry! It’s super super yummmyyyy!

2. Super Slim Pocky Chocolate – S$3.80 (2 packets inside)

Also randomly bought this packet and inside there were 2 smaller packets! The pocky sticks are really, really paper thin – the ratio of 2 of these thin pocky sticks is equivalent to 1 normal pocky stick. I think I prefer the normal pocky over it as it’s just not as satisfying! Still, there are quite alot of pocky sticks in each packet so you can just keep nibbling all the way!

Have you seen any of them before? D:

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