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SHOCKING | 7 Year Old Chinese Boy Contracted STDs From Teacher

Spotted on ChinaSmack:

Hubei Wuxue | 7-Year-Old Boy Suspected of Being Sexually Assaulted by Teacher for Half a Year Contracting STD

On [July] 27th, Jiaotong 91.8 got a call from Ms. Peng, who used to be a migrant worker in Hangzhou and was originally from Hubei, seeking help: “My son, just 7 years old, contracted an STD.” Her son goes to school in Shadun Village, Longping County, Wuxue City, and her son said that his teacher would buy him snacks every day, have him wait in a the corner of the bathroom, and had been raping him for as long as half a year. The boy was tested positive for genital warts, and warts surround his anus.

Ms. Peng has already reported the case to the local police station. This reporter contacted Hubei Police and local police staff said they would do their best to collect evidence. Based on this victimized child’s testimony, other students in his class were also sexually abused by the teacher. At present, the suspect has already been identified and the case is under further investigation.

The boy’s mother, Ms. Peng, said that because the circumstances of their family were poor, she had come to Hangzhou for work as soon as the baby turned one month old. She made clothing here in Jiubao. 3 years later, by way of introduction, she went to Guangzhou, up until the start of summer vacation, where she [returned and] took the boy to Guangzhou to see his father. “I was bathing him and I discovered things growing on his butt, so I took him to the hospital and had syphilis, HIV, all the tests done!”

This reporter came to Ms. Peng’s home in Shadun Village, Longping County, Wuxue City, Hubei Province, saw her son, and obtained the doctor’s medical diagnosis on which it is clearly written: “Genital Warts around anus, Human papillomavirus (HPV) low risk type positive…” The doctor’s diagnosed that three months before the outbreaks, the boy had anal sex.

The boy's mother applying medication to her son, who suffers from genital warts around his anus due to sexual abuse by his teacher.

There, this reporter saw the boy lying on the bed with his face down, with an innocent and not-knowing-exactly-what-is-going-on look on his face. The mother, Ms. Peng, says she has to change the medication every 4 hours, and they’re doing a thorough cleaning and sterilization of their home. Yesterday, the police had already came to their home, and the boy has also already identified the teacher suspected of sexual abuse. The suspected teacher is 31 years old. The police had already come to the boy’s home, provided photos of several teachers, and the victim only identified this one teacher as having done “bad things”. Further more, this reporter also learnt that there may be 2 other victims.

On the afternoon of [July] 28th, this reporter visited the boy’s school, but because the school is undergoing renovations during the summer vacation, only a school principal surnamed Huang remains at the school. According to him, the teacher suspected of sexual abuse has been teaching at the school for 10 years, and at present, the Public Security Bureau and Education Bureau have already restricted this teacher from leaving town.


Horrible..it’s like to add on to the child sexual abuse, now the poor boy has an STD as well. Ruined the boy’s life forever.

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