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Food Bites | Cake in a Jar @ Grin Affair

Last week, one of my colleague’s husband came over to surprise her with some jarcakes from Grin Affair which serves cakes in glass jars. So as her colleague, we were privileged to be able to try out one of these unique cakes in a jar from Grin Affairs!(: Yay! Don’t they all look super yummy?!

The 3 flavors that we shared were:

1. Lychee Passion – S$6.00

This is definitely our favorite among all the flavors mainly because we felt that it is really light and the overall combination of the vanilla cake, lychee mousse with passionfruit puree is really heavenly. Yum!

2. Cookies & Cream – S$5.50

This is our second favorite flavor and I found that the base is really crunchy while the rest of the flavors blended in nicely.

3. Banoffee – S$5.50

As you can tell from the name, it’s basically a combination of banana and coffee. I don’t really like coffee nor pecans so I didn’t really find it very nice. The rest of them found it okay, but it wasn’t the favorite of all three.

Just a couple of random photos here, HAHA:

All three cakes in a jar were quickly finished by all of us, starting first with the lychee passion because it’s the top favorite!

Other than the flavors mentioned above, in total, there are about 12 different flavors while some are seasonal. Prices range from S$5.50 – S$6.00 per jar which is pretty affordable.

Oh and you can return the jars to Grin Affair once you’re done.

Every jar is worth 1 ticket which you can collect to redeem some nice goodies:

  • 10 tickets: apple brew
  • 12 tickets: jar of dries fruit
  • 20 tickets: jar of cake

Overall, I think that the cake in a jar concept is pretty unique to our Singapore shores, and I really did enjoy the cakes, so I would recommend that you give Grin Affair a try in the future(: Think I’ll be back the next time to get myself a jar of the lychee passion!

Grin Affair
Address: 3 Everton Park #01-77
Tel: 82827375

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