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Food Review | A Catch Up Session – Dome Cafe Plaza Singapura

It feels like forever since I last met up with my poly bestie, Rachel as well as Serene! The last time we met was during my birthday last year if I remember right? So anyway, I was glad to be able to meet them last week and the place that we selected to have dinner at was at.. Dome Cafe over at Plaza Singapura(:

Dome Cafe
68 Orchard Road, #03-92
Plaza Singapura (new extension)
Singapore 238839

There are two reasons why we selected to dine at Dome Cafe over at Plaza Singapura:

  1. None of us ever ate there before
  2. There was no queue and the atmosphere was conducive to have a long chat

To start off, let’s take pictures!(: Only just realized that Rachel got photobombed by the guy at the back – not sure if it was done so purposely or okay, I really don’t know. LOL!

Serene and I(:

Serene brought souvenirs for us as she just recently came back from her trip to Japan. Thank you so much!(: Aren’t they just adorable?

Rachel’s Merry Go Round foldable calendar – super cute!

Here’s the menu as always for your reference and I think it’s pretty comprehensive and offers loads of variety to choose from!

Breakfast sets – looks pretty decent.

Soups, tarts & salads.

Yummy sandwiches

Baked Rice & Pizza

Yummy pastas!

Other hot main courses



Coffee menu

Hot/Ice Chocolate, teas and lattes

Smoothies, freezes and juices

And all the other drinks as you can see from the menu

Service is pretty prompt and efficient so in no time, our food were served to us. Here’s what we had:

1. Home-made Mushroom Soup – S$4.50

I think that it’s pretty decent and filled with loads of yummy mushroom bits. Unfortunately, some might think that the serving can be on a small side

2. Chunky Potato Wedges – S$5.90

We shared these and I think they are really nice when they are crispy and piping hot and then, dipped in mayonnaise!

3. Bacon Aglio Olio (Spaghetti) – S$14.20

Rachel had the bacon aglio olio which I felt was too spicy for my taste. It was okay I guess, but not really a fan of aglio olio in general.

4. Creamy Seafood Baked Rice – S$12.00

Serene had the Creamy Seafood Baked Rice which looked great in the picture in the menu, but we were kinda disappointed at how it actually turned out. Tried a bite, and eck, would NOT recommend it.

5. Smoked Bacon Carbonara (Conchiglie) – S$14.20

I’m a pretty safe eater, so I tend to usually go for mushroom pastas or carbonara. In this case, I decided to try the carbonara since it looked pretty okay. It was the right choice because I definitely did enjoy my pasta – yums!

6. Old-Fashioned Butter Cupcakes (Classic 60s butter cake) from Le Cafe Confectionery – S$3.90
*Price may be wrong

I brought these cupcakes for them as I spotted them during my lunchbreak before the dinner. You might have seen that I mentioned them in my previous review: Food Bites | LE Cafe Confectionery & Pastry. Great to end off a meal!

So yeah, there were actually loads of other desserts available at Dome Cafe as you can see from the following pictures, but the cupcakes were enough to satisfy our sweet tooth and make us SUPER FULL!

We spent the rest of the night just catching up, gossiping about all the random nonsense and basically, we all just had fun, quality time together! Thanks for the night girls – we should totally meet up again this year instead of next. HAHA!(:

Ending off the blog post with a couple more group shots of us!(:

It’s times like these when you realize how important friendship is as you get older in life, and I’m so glad we haven’t drifted away!(:

Oops and before I forget, overall the food at Dome Cafe is okay, nothing special – I just enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere the most and it’s a great choice to chill with a couple of friends over a cup of coffee, dessert or maybe a small meal? Heard the coffee’s decent! Prices are okay too, paid about S$22+ per person?(:

Dome Cafe
68 Orchard Road, #03-92
Plaza Singapura (new extension)
Singapore 238839

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 3/5

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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