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8 Year Old girl forced to do homework on knees in the hot sun in China for 3 hours

Spotted on STOMP today:

Father Forced Little Daughter to Do Homework While Kneeling in 40°C [104°F] Weather, Claimed She Can Stand It

An eight-year-old girl in China was forced by her father to do her homework on her knees on a scorching hot pavement, at a time when temperatures in Shanghai are hovering above 39 degrees Celsius.

The incident reportedly occurred on the morning of July 25 at a factory at No.23, 185 Lane, Hongxing Road in Pudong Chuansha.

According to a report in the Shanghai Morning Post, the girl, dressed in a pink T-shirt, had been forced to kneel for over three hours. She had been too afraid of her father to stand up. The girl had been spotted by a netizen, who snapped a photo and put it online, accusing the girl’s father of corporal punishment.

At the time, the temperature of the ground was close to 50 degrees. The girl’s head was bathed in sweat, having been forced to kneel from 8:30am to 11:30am when she was finally permitted to stand by her father.

Passersby approached her to get her on her feet, but she said that she was too afraid of her father to do so. She was being punished for poor grades in school and failing to complete her homework on time.

Asked if he was concerned for his daughter’s health, the girl’s father had answered confidently that she could take it, before chasing people away from where she was being punished.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

What a horrible father don’t you agree?

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