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VIDEO | Pickpockets Stealing Man’s iPad at Ampang Point Shopping Centre in Malaysia

The bf showed me this video of a CCTV footage circulating around Facebook. Even though this happened in Malaysia and not Singapore..well, I decided to just share it to share some awareness for everyone.


Pickpockets Stealing Man’s iPad at Ampang Point Shopping Centre, Malaysia 

Original Video: Chandra Lawan Tetap Lawan (Facebook)

Too lazy to watch? Here’s a GIF image I made from the above video. 

Watch as a group of pickpockets work together to steal this poor guy’s iPad at Ampang Point Shopping Centre, Malaysia when he was buying an ice cream at McDonalds. In total, there are quite a number of people working in cahoots.

Can you spot them all?


What do you think? D:

Regardless, just be careful of your belongings wherever you are be it in Malaysia or Singapore!

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