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VIDEO | Meet Zhang Pei Shan: The Tiny Teenage Miracle

UPDATED: 20 July 2016

I’m very very sad to share that Pei Shan has passed away yesterday on 19 July 2016. RIP you beautiful soul

Spotted on both The New Paper & EDMW:

Our tiny teenage miracle

Zhang Pei Shan: The Tiny Teenage Miracle | Looks like a toddler but she turns 15 next week

Pei Shan (above) turns 15 on Aug 5. But for all intents and purposes, she is stuck in a baby’s body – baby fat is still present on her limbs, and she wears a diaper. She can’t walk or breathe on her own.

And till today, doctors have yet to diagnose her exact medical condition. Pei Shan’s parents share the chequered medical history of the girl who has looked death in the eye many times and survived.

Credits:The New Paper



Little Pei Shan’s case reminds me of Brooke Greenberg who also seems to be suffering from the same problem as seen below. To date, she is 20 years old and still looks like a toddler as well.



Well..I didn’t manage to get The New Paper today, but luckily on the EDMW forums, one of the members – euko82 kindly uploaded photos of Little Pei Shan’s article in The New Paper on Sunday in this thread HERE. Thanks for that! 😀

Looks like a Toddler, But..She Turns 15 next week

All Images Credited to:euko82, EDMW Forums


Like me, I don’t really know much about Pei Shan, so I did some digging around and realized that Little Pei Shan first appeared on The Joy Truck Episode 6 with Chen Li Ping and PornSak on Channel 8, 2 July 2013.

图集: 第六集受益者 Photos: Ep 6 Beneficiaries

Pei Shan(14 years old) was born a healthy baby but as she started to grow older, her parents noticed she was not growing physically. Her parents sent her for follow-up checks but doctors could not explain her condition.

Pei Shan later developed lung infections and had to be hospitalized for a long period of time. She now needs to be hooked up to the oxygen supply machine for 24 hours per day and be assisted in all her daily activities.

Peishan has been found to have worsening glaucoma which means that she may not be able to retain her vision anymore. With her health deteriorating by the day, her parents are worried that she might not be able to experience the world in the near future.

Credits: XinMSN

You can watch her touching story here:

TCS8 2 July 2013 8PM The Joy Truck Episode 6 Beneficiaries

*Start watching from 2:40 onwards


During the show, this is what The Joy Truck with Chen Li Ping and PornSak did for her:

1. Got a new mattress for her to sit on as she is always on the bed most of the time so they wanted to replace with a new and more comfortable one as Pornsak noticed that there was a hollow in the center. Her parents couldn’t afford to get a new one at that point of time.

2. Brought her out to visit Jiajia and Kaikai at the River Safari – especially because it’s sheltered. She has to bring almost 5 oxygen tanks out with her when she goes out..

3. Brought Pei Shan to stay in a hotel at Sentosa

4. Meet her favourite idol – Qi Yu Wu

Through the show, you’ll learn quite abit about Pei Shan. For example:

1. She can speak English, Chinese and Teochew as well as sing and play the piano.

2. She can draw and loves to make handwritten notes to all the people she has met. That is despite having difficulties holding pencils, crayons etc and takes about 2-3 days to complete a full drawing. In the show, it’s shown that she made cards for everyone – Chen Li Ping, Pornsak and even ALL of the production crew.

She has a special place in her heart for her idol, Qi Yuwu as she draws him a birthday card yearly. She finally had the chance to give the cards to him(: As you can tell, she follows his news because she even wrote him a letter to congratulate him in the recent Star Awards..and his relationship with Joanne Peh.

3. She loves her family alot, especially her father. He drives a taxi to earn money from morning to night to earn money for all the expenses and she worries for him that’s why she calls/texts him every few hours. She also writes down her messages to her father other than texting as she’s afraid he might not get her message

Really kudos to Zhang Pei Shan’s parents – Teo Qi Kuang and Florence Chew for their love towards Pei Shan.

And I also found out from the show that her father has been declared bankrupt – but he’s still trying his best to earn money for the expenses..

If you’re interested to donate to Pei Shan’s family to help contribute,

1) Cross a cheque to the selected beneficiary. The cheque should be made out to Pei Shan’s mom Chew Siew Cheng

2) Mail this cheque to the production team behind this great show, the Executive Producer & Research Writer respectively. They will help to compile these donations and pass them to the profiles beneficiaries & their organizations. You are strongly encouraged to include your contact details in the envelope.

Lim Kar Yee/Ng Sei Fong
Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Annex Building Level 2
Andrew Rd S(299939)

f you have any further enquiries, we can be contacted via

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