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Car Dumped with Cement | Damn Sway

Spotted on STOMP:

Ouch! Look what this truck dumped onto poor driver’s car

STOMPer Toi spotted this car almost entirely covered with cement following an unfortunate accident with a truck at Mountbatten Road. From the picture, a large area of road was also covered with grey cement due to the incident.

The STOMPer wrote:

“I spotted this car covered with cement from a truck! The location is Mountbatten Road before Stadium Blvd, going toward Fort Road just before the traffic lights. It looks like the truck braked suddenly before the red light, causing the cement it was carrying to spill through the back panel and covering the small car just behind it.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Wa..seriously damn sway ttm! From what I can see, the window at the back of the car is gone so the cement must be EVERYWHERE in the car! Poor car driverwonder if he would be compensated for this? D:

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