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SHOCKING | Freelance Mediacorp Actor Borrows six digit sum from Mediacorp Artistes like Zoe Tay and Runs Away!

Updated: 2 August 2013

So AsiaOne finally picked up on the news:

Actor owing celebs thousands of dollars seen gambling in casinos

The part-time actor approached them about two months ago with a sob story about needing money desperately for his ailing mother. Then they heard from friends that the former actor, who we shall call A, had been seen gambling in the casinos here and word soon got around in their circle of friends that A had also borrowed up to five-digit sums.

He added: “It’s only when I heard from my friends that they had seen him gambling in casinos here that I realised he had taken the money to gamble. I am very disappointed because I felt that he shouldn’t have lied to us. Most importantly, he should ensure that his mum has a place to stay and is okay now.”

At least two stars said they heard that A had sold his flat to feed his gambling habit and to pay off his gambling debts. He is said to have rented a room which he shares with his mother. Some local artistes, including Zheng and Hong, are now trying to find a charity organisation to take care of A’s mother.

When Shin Min managed to track A down over the phone on Friday, he said he was working part-time in Batam and that he needed to borrow the money because his business had failed. He denied he had been gambling. After reports on him came out that day, he called Shin Min on Saturday and said that he had lost his job in Batam and had returned to Singapore. He said: “I am not on the run and I did not say that I wouldn’t pay back the money.”

He said he would contact his creditors and answer to them. As of last Monday evening, Zheng and Hong said they had yet to hear from him.

Stars who reportedly lent money to A

Chen Guo Hua
Thousands of dollars

Hong Kong actor Xia Yu
Over $10,000

Hong Kong actress Michelle Yim

Zoe Tay

Zhang Jing Hua

Jing Yin Ji
Over $10,000

Hong Hui Fang and Zheng Geping

Credits: AsiaOne

Updated: 28/7/13

The EDMW forum member, radioheadfan found the original photo which put an end to all the speculations. And the actor is..

Allan Goh Hwa Yuan

Uh..but still not sure who he is.

Meanwhile, others are speculating that maybe is this guy – Eugene Tan who let slip to the newspaper about this incident as Allan Goh allegedly borrowed quite a sum from him.

Whew, reading through all 50++ pages of the thread at EDMW can be tiring! Anyway..case closed! (I think)

Updated: 27/7/13!

Omy.sg has released a censored photo of the actor!

But I honestly can’t tell who he is D:

Credits: OMY.SG

Spotted on OMY.SG and EDMW forums just now:

Freelance Mediacorp Actor Borrows six digit sum from Mediacorp Artistes like Zoe Tay and Runs Away!
特约演员借巨款闹失踪 新港艺人中招


Translated by the bf:

Basically, a freelance Mediacorp actor whom Shin Min Daily News calls Mr A (in order to not disclose his identity) borrowed money from a lot of actors and actresses and ran away/disappeared.

For example, he borrowed 5 digits from Zoe Tay, 30k from old Mediacorp veteran Zhang Jinhua’s life savings and used Hong Huifang’s name to borrow money from the production crew. Mr A also borrowed money from JinYingJi, Chen Guohua, Tien-Wen Chen, Yang Li Bing, Shen Wei Chun, Chan Lai Ching Li Wenhai and other artists. Every time when he borrows money he will change handphone number and then disappear. The amount involves so far adds up to more than 6 digits – S$100,000 ++. 

The only other thing known to us about this Mr A is that he has acted in many drama shows. Meanwhile,  the actors/actresses involved have indicated that they will not report to the police yet, hoping that he will take the initiative to return the money to them.

Original Text:





Credits: OMY.SG

If you see the headlines below:


Translated by the bf:
The Shin Min Daily News CLAIMS that they found with the actor and that he is hiding out at Batam now. Apparently he is pleading to be let off.

More hints about Mr A from the newspaper:

Photo Credits: EDMW Forums

Translated by the bf:
Hong Hui Fang knows this freelance actor for more than 20 yrs. This freelance actor used to own a travel agency and when artistes buy plane tickets they will go through him. He also invited them to invest in the travel agency and she was one of them. She invested 50k but then withdrew the money eventually to buy a house. Hong Hui Fang also says that he no longer owns the said agency

Gahhh omg~ I hope they do reveal who the person is!
Loads of interesting speculations about who the actor might be going on at the EDMW thread HERE, so you can check it out there if you’d like(:

Also, don’t be too surprised if everything is just a publicity stunt.

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