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Day Out @ Jurong Point | Man of Steel, Hong Kong Egglet & espresSOUP

This is a relatively overdue post from last month, but yay, it’s finally being written lol! So anyway, that weekend we headed out to the West side to do a special GlamPuss delivery, so we decided to head to Jurong Point to watch a movie after that. Plus we don’t really venture out to the West side often, hence I was pretty excited to explore. HAHA!

Started off the day by watching Man of Steel using my pair of complimentary Golden Village tickets that I won from


After the movie, we decided to walk around to explore while letting the nachos and popcorn digest before our dinner. It was then we chanced upon this cute Hong Kong Egglet stall.

Hong Kong Egglet Jurong Point (香港鸡蛋仔)
Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-84

As seen below, there are a couple of flavors available: Original, Chocolate, Cheese and Chicken Floss priced at an affordable S$2.00, S$2.50, S$2.80, and S$2.80 respectively.

You can add on an Ice Lemon Tea or Milk Tea at S$1.00 with every purchase too!

I found it really interesting to watch the person make the egglets and so naturally, I made the bf get me one to try. Hehe.

Tadaa, my Hong Kong Egglet has been bought!

Basically, it’s a very popular Hong Kong snackcrispy egg waffle which is really addictive and you’ll just keep popping them into your mouth!


Walking further on for a few hours later, we started to get a little hungry. There are loads of food choices available at Jurong Point, but I decided to try out espresSOUP because the interesting bread bowl attracted me immediately when I first saw it!

espresSOUP (Jurong Point)
Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2 #02-22A

Here’s the menu for your reference:

Service was pretty prompt and food was delivered fastno surprise really as there weren’t really a lot of people when we came. It was kinda past dinner time anyway. And here’s what we had:

1. Drinks: Iced Water & Coke – S$3.00 

Water was free while we ordered a coke to share

2. Mogu Mogu (Mushroom Soup) – Top up for Farmer’s Bread – S$6.80 (+S$3.00)

Naturally as a mushroom soup fan, I would never pass up for a chance to try out their mushroom soup! I topped up S$3 for their signature farmer’s bread bowl as seen pictured below. The price is pretty steep for it, but that’s because other than the soup in the farmer’s bread bowl, there’s another bowl of soup served together with it too. Great for sharing!(:

Tastewise, I thought the soup is really thick, creamy and had loads of mushrooms! It was okay, while the bf said it was just too sweet for his taste. I think the farmer’s bread is pretty nice though(:

2. 1/2 Caesar Salad – Top S$4.00

We also had a side of Caesar Salad – a half serving to try. It was okay, but really nothing fantastic about it that I would rave about. At least it’s romaine lettuce that I like(:

3. Carbonara – S$8.80

Again, nothing too special about the carbonara, except to mention that it came with a generous serving of ‘bacon bits’. Kinda hard to go wrong with a simple carbonara dish.

4. Tomato Pilaf Cheese Baked Rice (Chicken) – S$8.80

The bf was debating whether to try one of the quesadillas or not, but in the end, he took the Chicken Pilaf to try since it seemed interesting. Bad choice though, he kinda regretted it as it wasn’t really fantastic. Saw others eating the quesadillas and I think it looks pretty good!

Overall, I thought the price was relatively affordable considering the amount of food we ate. Wouldn’t exactly recommend it but I guess it’s an okay place to try if you don’t have any other choices to consider(:

So yay! Finally done with this overdue post, hehe~

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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