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Mass Text – Tay Allyn | A Song Worst Than Friday by Rebecca Black?

A song worst than Friday by Rebecca Black? 

Uploaded a week ago (26 July 13 today) and it has 700,000++ views with 23,000+ dislikes and 1,500+ likes.


Listen to it here:

“Mass Text” – Tay Allyn- Official Music Video

24 year old recording POP artist Tay Allyn’s hit music single “Mass Text”. Tay has created a new breed of Pop that’s like Ke$ha without the sex, and Gaga without the avant garde- what are you left with? Pop songs about the mundane issues you face in everyday life. It’s sassy, fun, and RELATABLE. Chosen by Justin Timberlake and MySpace as a top upcoming artist of 2013.

According to Mashable, it’s tricky to put Allyn’s music in a category. Some have called her the next Rebecca Black, while others claim that “Mass Text” is a carefully-crafted parody.

It may not be groundbreaking, but Mashable still had five questions after watching the video.

1. Is it now cool to label your crushes so explicitly in your phone, the way you might label emergency contacts? Here, Tay is texting “Drew Crush.”

 Mass Text

2. Where did the puppy come from? Are puppies allowed in high school now?

Mass Text

3. Why is Tay playing with Barbie and Ken dolls?

Mass Text

4. Is this the dance move of 2013?


5.Is Tay Allyn just trolling us all?

Mass Text

Above article source: Mashable

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Why didnt I get your mass text? Im in your contacts

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