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VIDEO| Thailand Crocodile Show Mishap: Crocodile Bites Trainer’s Head

Spotted on STOMP just now:

Animal show in Thailand goes awry after crocodile bites performer’s head

A trainer at a popular tourist crocodile farm in Samut Prakan was lucky to escape serious injury when one of the reptiles snapped its jaws shut while his head was inside its mouth. The incident was caught on camera and posted online.

Crocodile show mishap (Crocodile Bites Head)

Uthen Youngprapakorn, owner of the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo, said the incident occurred on Sunday, July 21, about 11am. He said 27-year-old crocodile trainer Pravit Suebmee had bite wounds on his face and neck but was not seriously injured.

Mr Uthen said that Mr Pravit has more than eight years of experience in crocodile training. He told him the crocodile might have been startled after he placed his head between its jaws and then his hand slipped on the wet ground and accidentally brushed its cheek.

“This is the first time this has happened at our crocodile farm,” Mr Uthen said. “I’ve regularly warned the performers to be careful at all times.” Sao Saengkit, another crocodile trainer, grabbed the huge reptile’s tail when it bit Mr Pravit. He also said his colleague seemed to slip and this probably startled the reptile and caused it to snap its jaws and jerk away.

Mr Sao, 37, said he was keeping an eye on the other crocodiles when his colleague was bitten.

Credits:STOMP, Bangkok Post & DailyMailUK

So yeah, usually in this crocodile show in Bangkok (I’ve never been to one personally), you’ll see stunts such as the trainers putting their heads into the crocodile’s mouth.

Kissing the crocodile and etc.

But I hear that the crocodiles are usually heavily sedated actually. Well, no surprise that a mishap happened but luckily the trainer is fine. Gawd, it would be freaking scary if the crocodile actually bit off his head.

*thinks about it*

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