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VIDEO | Divers nearly swallowed by humpback whales

Spotted on Nine MSN & USA Today:

Divers nearly swallowed by humpback whales

Two ocean scuba divers have narrowly missed being swallowed whole by two humpback whales that shot up from the deep to chase fish right next to where the divers were floating.

Charter boat owner and captain Shawn Stambuck was filming the divers off the coast of California from his boat and posted video of the near miss online on July 20. In the footage, a whale’s tail can be seen breaking the surface in the distance seagulls swoop down from above.

Whales almost eat Divers (Original Version)

A shot below the surface shows the ocean under the divers teaming with a large school of small fish, which one website later identified as sardines. Then, out of nowhere, the water around two divers begins bubbling and frothing as the fish swim up and break the surface en masse.

Seconds later, two massive whales barrel up out of the water with their mouths gaping open to swallow the fish, just metres away from the divers. One of the divers can be heard yelling out “holy s—” as he swims for the boat. “You’re going to have to do more to clean that wet suit,” another person laughs off camera.

The divers were likely never going to end up food for the whales, as humpbacks feed predominately on krill and small fish and do not have a gullet large enough to fit a human.

Credits:Nine MSN & USA Today

Holy crap right?! But luckily, they can’t exactly swallow humans based as mentioned earlier! XD

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