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Biker skids and dies in accident along Braddell Rd — no collision involved

Spotted on STOMP:

Biker skids and dies in accident along Braddell Rd, no collision involved

A man died after he apparently skidded along Braddell Road and hit his head against a lamp post this morning. It was understood that no collision was involved.

A witness, Sophia Tay, told STOMP she was driving her daughter, 11, to school at 7.30am when she saw the accident outside the Singapore Press Holdings building.  She said she was 50 to 70 metres behind the motorcyclist when she saw him suddenly swerve to the left and hit a kerb. The next moment, he was on the floor and she immediately stopped her car and alighted to assist and call the police. There was no collision with another vehicle, she said.

Sophia said the biker did not seem to be breathing and he did not seem to have a pulse when she checked on him. She also later noticed that a nearby lamp post had its light bulb dangling from it. It is not known if the biker had hit the lamp post or if he had suddenly swerved to avoid it.Sophia brought her daughter home after the incident and both mother and daughter are quite traumatised by the accident.

The Straits Times reported that two family members arrived at about 9am and were in a state of shock. One of them chased photographers away, exclaiming that the victim was his brother. “There was a loud sound before I turned around and saw the guy skid to the left,” 63-year-old security guard R. Thandramogan, who was directing cars into the Singapore Press Holdings building when the accident happened, told reporters.

Police received a call at 7.49am. It was understood that no collision was involved. About five people stopped to help and one attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Two of the four lanes along this stretch were closed off and as of 10am, the cordon was still in operation.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Wah, damn sad to hear this.
RIP poor biker.. ;/

Till later,
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