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VIDEO: One Singapore | Netizens slam NDP 2013 theme song

Spotted on The New Paper Online:

Netizens slam NDP 2013 song

It’s a birthday song that’s supposed to bring a nation together. But this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) theme song, One Singapore, has become the target of criticism, even before it is officially released.

Shit Singaporeans say about the NDP 2013 theme song

Written by NDP creative director Selena Tan with music composed by local music director Elaine Tan, it is sung by a choir of 68 everyday Singaporeans. Local music icon Dick Lee, 56, who penned the NDP theme songs in 1998 (Home) and 2002 (We Will Get There), questioned the need for a new song each year.

Credits: The New Paper

If you’re too lazy to watch the above video, then let me just share some of comments/reactions from people who have listened to it:

1. US  had that Friday song. We have this NDP song – Tel Shuk

2. This is where i decided that there is no hope anymore. – Fiona Teo 1


3. Kill me now…. – James Tan 1


4. NO. The rap is just NO. – Zheng Yew Yong


5. brb dying – Chua Han Hui Fury


6. I rather listen to save my world and london choco roll 24 hours straight then this again – westee29


As you can tell..most people think that the NDP 2013 theme song, One Singapore is just bad.

If you still haven’t listened to it yet – you can do so here:

Shit Singaporeans say about the NDP 2013 theme song

NDP 2013 Theme Song – One Singapore (Original Version)

Well, what do you think?

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