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Fire breaks out at Singapore Poly again, woman injured

Hot on the heels of the fire that broke out at Singapore Polytechnic yesterday.. I spotted that a fire had broken out again today!

Fire breaks out at Singapore Poly again: Woman injured in blaze at Food Court 3

STOMPers sent in photos and videos of a fire which broke out at Singapore Polytechnic’s Food Court 3 this evening. A Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesperson has informed that the fire has been extinguished.

Singapore Polytechnic spokesperson said in a statement today:

A fire broke out this evening at 7.15 pm at Stall 7 of Food court 3 operated by Food Haven at Singapore Polytechnic. The immediate area was evacuated and food court workers and SP emergency response team helped put out the fire. SCDF was alerted immediately and the fire was put under control. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by SCDF. A food stall assistant has received treatment for minor injury. An assessment is being done to see if the food court can resume operations tomorrow. Nevertheless, there are sufficient food courts to cater to students’ needs.”

This is the second fire to hit the polytechnic this week, and the second fire to hit a canteen at the education institute in the past year. Previously, a fire broke out at Food Court 4 on July 26, 2012. According to a report in The Straits Times, the fire broke out at block T9. There was at least one injury — a woman was sent to the hospital with burns to the right side of her face and right arm.

STOMPer Reuben said he was alerted to the fire via his friends who posted photos on a Whatsapp group. He was studying in a classroom nearby, so he walked over to see what was going on. He said he could see the fire when he came out of the classroom, as it was only two basketball fields away, and a short walk. He also said the fire alarm rang, but security did not evacuate anyone from the classroom. The fire broke out at approximately 7.40pm, he said. He was at the scene for about 10 minutes before he walked back to the classroom. When STOMP contacted Reuben at 7.53pm, he was on his way back.

He said the food court closes around 8pm, and at this time it is usually crowded with those who are there for dinner. However, he says it seems no one is injured, and the security have cordoned off the area. When he reached, the SCDF were also there dousing the flames.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Many are speculating that this could be attributed to arson, but what do you think?

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